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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (802 Fatawa)

Fatwa ID Serial No Name Question Tasks
802 32377 Hamza Farhan Working on on-line websites such as Fiverr etc.
801 31843 Shabbir Hussain while delivery of milk from the dairy farm it is necessary to have an agreement
800 32010 Kabeer Khan Janaza Salat could be offered only once and not twice - نماز جنازہ
799 31860 Tayyab Farooq In a game, the team which loses would distribute drinks.
798 32014 Waseem Please inform whether our marital contract remains intact?
797 32074 Is it allowed to do Masah on warm plasters
796 31804 Saad Eating rice with Hands, is it Sunnath?
795 32166 Sonia during Ghusl women should move the ear-rings so the water can reach the piercings
794 32086 On their Divali Festival they are giving to Staff sweets and some gifts (cash).
793 31996 Zunaira if one wishes there to be some time between Nikah and Rukhsathi?
792 32427 M Dawood Does the commission I give him falls under the category of Riba/Interest?
791 32433 Atya am I permitted to do abortion to any woman who, due to some reason wants to get the abortion done?
790 32570 Umar Raheem I want to know whether I have to pay Mahar or no?
789 32385 Hanzala is it allowed to work and communicate with non-Mehrem?
788 31795 Faizan Faisal I have named him as Abdul Rafiu. He often remains sick
787 32259 M Danish Who are the Mehram and non-Mehram relatives?
786 32321 Khalid it was lion (not dog)that was present with Ashab e Kahf of Sura Kahf of Al Qur’an?
785 32306 Marya in such circumstances is its allowed for her to stop covering her face?
784 32063 M Ateeq When any person or persons commit act of “THUHMAT” (slandering) on any married girl
783 32206 How is it to name a baby as Muhammad Yaman?
782 32386 Tanweer I have named my business as AXE Technologies, is this correct?
781 31615 it is not correct to use name ذوالنورین
780 31906 Rizwana Taj Opening of Savings Accounts in conventional (interest based) banks
779 31562 it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura
778 31030 The company is showing less sales and production to evade Income Tax and Sales Tax
777 16938 muslim reading Qur'an on mobile phone
776 16933 Nasir Hussain Recitation of Quran Kareem during menses
775 14988 umme muhammad marriage with non Muslim girl
774 14987 Muhammad sharif buying and selleing
773 14986 Faizan Ahmad working on Tameer Bank
772 14982 Khalid Shaikh urine drop problems
771 14981 apni jaiz biwi ko 1 saal tak mental torchar kar kay ghar sy nikal day
770 14979 Khalid Shaikh Buy and sell
769 14978 Muhammad Badar Ruling on breastfeeding
768 14976 Mrs. Kamran Teaching girls in coaching center
767 14975 MUHAMMAD NAVEED IQBAL Ruling on Islamic Window in Modern Banks
766 14974 imran khan who to make a picture in islam.
765 14973 SUBJHAN MIRZA Ruling on Istikhara -استخارہ کے احکام
764 14972 Ghazanfar Hameed Ruling on Bank Job
763 14970 mohd rafi uddin Doing sajda on Grave
761 14965 Muhammad Asif Baloch persian name in light of quran and sunnah
760 14964 Wasif Is eating oysters and lobsters permissible for a person following Hanafi fiqh?
759 14960 faisalshahzad is there any effect of contact lens during wuzu
758 14959 ishtiaq aabdi Reciting Holy Quran during menses
757 14958 Ghulam Rasool Funeral Innovation
756 14957 Muhammad Talha salary of employees
755 14955 Ali Akbar Cleaning with toilet paper
754 14948 jahangir alam Drugs Business
753 14947 Muhammad Anis eid ki namaz k baad aapas mai milna or eid mubarek kehna