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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (117 Fatawa)

Fatwa ID Serial No Question Tasks
7711 41281
2366 32570 I want to know whether I have to pay Mahr or no?
2352 32433 am I permitted to do abortion to any woman who, due to some reason wants to get the abortion done?
2351 32427 Does the commission I give him falls under the category of Riba (Interest)?
2347 32386 I have named my business as AXE Technologies, is this correct?
2346 32385 is it allowed to work and communicate with non-Mehrem?
2345 32377 Working through online websites such as Fiverr etc.
2339 32321 it was lion (not dog) that was present with Ashab e Kahf
2336 32306 in such circumstances is its allowed for her to stop covering her face?
2327 32259 Who are the Mehram and non-Mehram relatives?
2321 32206 How is it to name a baby as Muhammad Yaman?
2312 32166 during Ghusl women should move the ear-rings so the water can reach the piercings
2306 32086 On their Diwali Festival they are giving to Staff sweets and some gifts (cash).
2304 32074 Is it allowed to do wipe off (مسح) on warm plasters
2303 32063 person commit act of slandering on any married girl
2300 32014 Please inform whether our marital contract remains intact?
2299 32010 Janaza Salat could be offered only once and not twice
2297 31996 if one wishes there to be some time between Nikah and Rukhsathi?
2290 31906 Savings Accounts in conventional (interest based) banks
2287 31860 In a game, the team which loses would distribute drinks.
2285 31843 Dairy Farm Agreement
2282 31804 Eating rice with Hands, is it Sunnath?
2281 31795 I have named him as Abdul Rafiu. He often remains sick
2274 31615 is it correct to use name ذوالنورین
2272 31562 it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura
2253 31030 Showing less sales and production to evade Income Tax and Sales Tax
1068 16938 reading Qur'an on mobile phone
1067 16933 Recitation of Quran Kareem during menses
214 5102 it is an Heresy (بدعت) to kiss the thumb (انگوٹھے چومنا)
212 4985 selling toys includes, toys, dolls, bares, airplane, dogs, cats, etc.
211 4965 to take old age benefit fund after retirement from government?
208 4923 Billiard & carrom boards games shop in Islam
207 4911 Believing in Zodiac signs
205 4788 What is the ruling on Sajda e Shukr? - سجدہ شکر
204 4718 What is the Fatwa on playing Games?
196 4431 Is eating shark (شارک مچھلی) halal?
194 4412 While booking in projects which are under construction
188 4302 where will the children of Kafir who die in small age go?
181 4273 What is the ruling on Girls Islamic School
179 4262 installments is taken place according to the the conditions
176 4248 Ladies to go to stadium wearing Hijab to see cricket matches
175 4246 Ruling on playing Ludo
167 4154 Permissible of reward and Sawab to earn Dunya
160 4125 If a person wants to sell a thing and the seller exaggerates the quality
156 4091 Sir in order to join the Silsila (chain) of some Buzurg - اصلاحی تعلق -
150 4055 I was driving in drowsiness and very recklessly in my dream
148 4050 Skin of the slaughtered animal would be sold or not?
146 4046 buying and selling on installment
141 4025 Hindu relatives buried him in their Shamshan Bhoomi - شمشان بھومی -
140 4013 inform us about the Battle of Camel - جنگ جمل -
132 3922 Where can I find the names of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
131 3916 Instructions of Islam about under shave.
130 3911 Is the name Haris OK or not?
129 3905 Who does not believe that Jesus was raised to skies
128 3887 Asking Dua through the sake of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
127 3879 Dr. Zakir Naik said that the war of Karbala was a political war
125 3854 Is the bank job in standard chartered is Riba free or halal for me
118 3818 Allah says that nobody knows what is inside a mothers womb but doctors?
116 3797 The doctrine of the Ahl e Sunnah Wal Jama’at
115 3780 Why another Nabi (Prophet) can not come?
113 3755 Is it allowed in Islam to read and write children's stories ?
110 3745 plan for Hajj without permission from Saudi Government
109 3738 who have the concept that Allah is capable of telling lies Kafir?
108 3731 Does Sunnah Salat get excused due to Qasr Namaz or no?
106 3699 About those who do not perform Namaz
105 3698 I am a database administrator and i have a job offer n bank
101 3643 Performing Eid prayer in a school
100 3639 Feeding of pig feed for fowls/poultry chicks
99 3636 if Namaz could be completed while controlling urine
98 3631 If we do not pay FITRA - فطرہ - is it Sin?
97 3621 Can she do sex with fingers till she gets satisfaction?
96 3618 is a possibility of forgiveness for those who commit suicide?
95 3616 if women are allowed to pray 8 rakat of Traweeh.
94 3610 is it OK to buy dolls for little girl which is made from cloth
92 3604 Prayer (Salat) in t-shirts or half arm shirts.
89 3590 Is it permissible to play cards and chess?
88 3583 Performing missed Farz Salat the Niyyat of the first missed Salat or last
85 3563 An Asthmatically patient (suffers from difficulty in breathing) observe fasting?
82 3518 Relaxation granted in the month of ramazan for a pregnant women
81 3513 Wazeefa for a girl’s wedding be taken place as early as possible.
80 3512 When enter in buss often they make the clothes and shoes dirty.
79 3495 whether octopus is halal or not
77 3490 what is the reality of Shab-e-Barat - شب براءت
76 3480 Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village
75 3479 Can i keep fast for my death father?as a reward for him
71 3449 Which would kindle love in heart towards performing Namaz
65 3428 will there be some religion in Heaven?
64 3427 After the Ifthar of 22nd Ramadan recite Surah on sweets and distribute
63 3417 Quran Khawani for the sake of Eesal e Sawab - قرآن خوانی و ایصال ثواب
60 3408 employment in any organization if committing of non Shar’ia act
58 3381 How is it to call Ya Rasool Allah? - یا رسول اللہ کہنا
55 3358 Is it compulsory for women to go to Masjid and perform Namaz?
53 3344 Sing or listen to songs in weddings?
48 3153 Take Interest from warring Kafirs
46 3143 Death whereas punishment for leaving Islam
45 3135 perform Nafl Namaz with Raising hands - رفع الیدین
43 3106 About Hazrat Mehdi A.S - حضرت امام مہدی
40 3076 One who commits suicide be forgiven after death?
39 3052 Dua in front of the Janaza after performing Namaz e Janaza
36 2986 Passing PARA of QURAN to neighbors to read for someone - ایصال ثواب