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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa Topics
Monotheism 7 Polytheism 6 Miscellaneous Religions 2 Apostasy 1 Laws for New Muslims 1 Prophethood 7 Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 9 Faith 11 Signs of the Day of Judgment 2 The Day of Judgment 1 Heaven 4 Grave Matter 2 Ablution 7 Tayammum 1 Ghusl Bath 4 Female Diseases 1 Impurities 10 The Jummah Prayer 8 Leading the Prayer 21 The Eid Prayer 3 Rules of Namaz 42 Prayer Time 3 Prostration of Forgetfulness 2 Qsr Prayer 5 Recitation 3 Disliked Acts during Namaz 5 Azan and Iqamah 4 Rights Of the Masjid 1 Expenses of the Masjid 3 Manners of the Masjid 6 Potion and Spell 30 Magic 4 Supplication, Zikr, Durood 7 Amulets and Spiritual Process 4 Istikhara 4 Oaths and Vows 5 Nights of Worship 9 Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4 Virtuous Acts 4 Supererogatory Acts 6 Suicide 1 Funeral Prayer 2 Burial 4 Funeral Innovations 4 Conduction Reward 4 Tarawih Prayer 9 Ransom 2 Rules for Ramadan 9 Sehr and Iftar 2 Aitekaf - Recluse 7 Invalidators of Fasting 27 Voluntary Fasting 5 Compensation and Atonement 7 Fitra - Instinct 2 Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 20 Charity 3 Who Receive Zakat and Charity 20 Tithes and Tributes 6 Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 3 Rules for Haj 11 Tawaf And Saae 1 Rules for Umrah 6 Rules of Slaughter 7 Rules for the Secrifice 24 Rules of Jihad 1 Loan 1 Rent 3 Employment and Job 17 Buying and Selling 8 Gift 3 Bribery 3 Interest 10 Trade and Business 22 Company and speculation 2 Advocacy & Witness 1 Wedding Feast 1 Contractual Marriages 1 Marriage 25 Trousseau 2 Marriage Rituals 4 Dowry 1 Divorce 12 Conditional Divorce 1 Revocation of Divorce 1 Halala and Irrevocable Divorce 1 Khula 1 Marital expenses 1 Divorce Waiting period 5 Quarrels 1 Trust & Deposit 1 Donation 5 Financial Endowment 4 Committee 1 Inheritance 4 Will and Testament 1 Political Issues 2 Traditional Islamic Practices 2 Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 28 Etiquettes of the Haramain 1 Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 6 Miscellaneous Islamic Practices 2 The Prophetic Tradition 9 Laws and Etiquettes of Traveling 1 Fashion and Beauty 7 Manners and Rules of Dress 5 Eating habits 4 Entertainment and Sports 12 Various issues 6 Education and Learning 4 Of Marriage and Marriageability 9 Laws of Hijab 11 Rights of Spouses 7 Pregnancy and Labour 1 Gender Issues 1 Laws and Etiquettes of Intercourse 4 Rights of Parents 4 Rights of Children 1 Issues Regarding Children 1 Rules for Adopted Child 3 Parenting & Upbringing 1 1 Rulings of Naming Children 11 Babies Names Analysis 4 Baby Name Guide 2 Meaning of Names 2 Test-Tube Baby 2 Medicine and Treatment 5 Yoga 1 Photography 6 Hobbies 1 Telepathy 2 Violation of the law 1 Disobedience 1 Counterfeiting 3 Showbiz 2 Dream Interpretation 3 Relation with non Muslims 10 Disliked Acts 5 Sin and Illegal 38 Permissible Acts 33 Halal & Haram Incomes 13 Unlawful Medicine and Treatment 2 Halal & Haram Animals 4 Halal & Haram Foods 28 Halal & Haram Things 1 Rituals and Customs 4 Illusions & Misconceptions 2 Heresy 7 Etiquette and rulings of vows 1 Death and Birth Celebration 3 Festival 1 Islamic Punishment 2 Fine or Penalty 2 Crimes & Major sins 2 Atonement of Oath 3 Historical Incidents 1 Historical Personalities 1 Historical Information 8 The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon Him 3 Biography of the Companions 1 Biography of the Prophets 2 Imitation & Effort 2 Dawat and Tabligh 11 Gher Muqallid 2 Shiah or Rafizi 2 Religious parties 1 Barelvi 1 Qadiyani 2 Pervezi 1 Influential Personalities 1 Religious Figures 3 Islamic Banking 1 Credit Card 2 Bank Jobs 3 Financing Schemes 6 Insurance 5 Provident Fund 1 Mobile Phone 1 Network Marketing 3 Information Technology 7 Currency 2 Monotheistic Religions 1 Tafseer Quran Kareem 1 Hadith investigation 3 Meaning of Hadith 4 Fabricated Hadith 3
Fatawa List (1112 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
4024 - i Need to know the Complete Ghussal Process for women
5643 - I have doubts about purity and impurity.
3636 - Performing Namaz while Restraining the Need to Relieve Oneself
23216 - Ruling on persuing a secular education for women
Voluntary Fasting 4895 - celebrate Mi'raj on the 27th night of Rajab and to keep fast on the day?
Ransom 45304 - She is not able to fast. Does she have to give the Fidya of Fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 10070 - Breaking Fasting of Qadha Ramadan
31042 - Unknowingly having Sehri after the time has ended
29414 - What is the ruling for the one who witnesses the moon of Ramadan or Shawwal alone?
5285 - Do injections break the fast?
35523 - Law for Nafl (obligatory) fasts on the day of Jumma
Invalidators of Fasting 12515 - injection during fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 3896 - Using Snuff (Naswar) while Fasting
Rules for Ramadan 12718 - Fasting in a country where the Sun rises at 4 pm and sets at 7 pm
Invalidators of Fasting 5376 - Can we use inhaler while fasting?
5292 - Till what time should Sehri (سحری کا وقت) be taken?
Sehr and Iftar 6789 - The supplication for opening fasting
5198 - I wish to remain in I'thikaf during this Ramadhan.
Invalidators of Fasting 9504 - Is it possible for a person to annul Fasting after commencing
Invalidators of Fasting 5262 - Can I brush my teeth with toothpaste during Roza?
Rules for Ramadan 3563 - An Asthmatically patient (suffers from difficulty in breathing) observe fasting?
Compensation and Atonement 3518 - Relaxation granted in the month of ramazan for a pregnant women
3969 - can I skip fasting when I am away. And complete fastings when I am back?
Voluntary Fasting 3888 - Can we observe fasting during Ashura day if it falls on Friday?
7283 - it is Sunnath to perform 20 Raka’aths of Tharaweeh
9593 - A Committee Room occupy for etikaf in masjid during Ramadan
10473 - i wanted to know the origin of fasting on Ashura - عاشوراء کا روزہ
10774 - no Kaffara (Expiation) for Fastings missed due to monthly periods
12751 - Using of such drugs which would delay or stop the menstrual
Invalidators of Fasting 9303 - Does Fasting become void by using eye-drops
9637 - What is the ruling if a person masturbates while Fasting?
Sehr and Iftar 46133 - Beginning and ending the fast upon hearing the siren
5621 - What are the Sunnah in observing Nafil fasting?
29045 - Delaying One's Intention to Fast
Invalidators of Fasting 5233 - Will a breastfeeding mother observe the fast?
3490 - The Reality of Shabe-Bara'at
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 5967 - if a non-muslim is interested in Islam and asks the Qur'an to study
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 5714 - specify Niyyath (intention) at the time of giving any kind of Sadaqa.
Divorce 41387 - Ali called his wife Abida “حرام زادی”. Does this affect their marriages?
Eating habits 67166 - Etiquettes
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41423 - Zakat money given to him for the necessities of the hospital
Tayammum 67345 - Purity and Impurity
59191 - Prayer
Festival 5750 - Can we wish Merry Christmas to Christians
69989 - Baby Names
Recitation 179 - Qirat in Salath
Test-Tube Baby 35768 - Can I have a male baby through gender selection via test tube?
Fashion and Beauty 3916 - Instructions of Islam about under shave.
Rules for Umrah 39673 - After donning the Ihram, He was stopped at the airport
Rights of Parents 39568 - to refer to one’s mother as “Pilgrimage to the Kaba”
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45319 - Can I give Zakat to my brother so that he can pay off his debt?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45069 - What should I make my Nisab, And from which date should I check it?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45068 - All of the gold I got as my dowry is in the possession of my in-laws
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45050 - Can I take Zakat for liver and kidney transplant
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45043 - one must give Zakat on gold based on the current market rate.
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 45037 - Can I donate a refrigerator to a Deeni Madrasa as Zakat?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44875 - My mother has 6.5 tola of gold، Is Zakat obligatory upon her?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 40365 - Can Zaid’s sister-in-law receive Zakat
40022 - is Zakat (Compulsory Charity) compulsory upon me?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 39581 - Can I give Zakaat to my maternal grandmother
37698 - Take a portion of the cultivation in exchange for water from a tube well
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 37978 - How can you know who is eligible for Zakat?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 39458 - Can we transfer Zakat online to any charitable organization
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 39460 - Giving the Zakat money for construction or administrative purposes
Tithes and Tributes 37348 - Ushr will be Wajib upon the owner of the land
37006 - someone of the linage of the Holy Prophet to get treatment paid for from Baitul Maal fund
37113 - Gathering funds to provide food for the family of the deceased
Burial 34618 - Will non-believing men fulfill the burial rights of their muslim sister?
42697 - Which of the deceased has the status of a martyr?
Entertainment and Sports 4788 - What is the ruling on Sajda e Shukr? - سجدہ شکر
Conduction Reward 4025 - Hindu relatives buried him in their Shamshan Bhoomi - شمشان بھومی -
Funeral Innovations 2742 - What is the status of Soyam and Chelum in Islam - سوئم اور چہلم
Burial 40315 - Sura-Al-Baqra is recited over the grave
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 3887 - Asking Dua through the sake of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
35276 - How much water did the Messenger of Allahﷺ use to perform Wuzu and Ghusl?
33063 - Ruling of the Salah performed after doing ablution with impure water
Qsr Prayer 20614 - Ruling on Qasr Salah while working on board a ship
Rules of Namaz 44163 - Sitting in Tashahhud by mistake after the first Raka'at
Disliked Acts during Namaz 41178 - Can the one who trims his beard lead the prayer?
The Jummah Prayer 41058 - Zuhr prayers performed at home on the day of Jumma
Recitation 3772 - Dr Zakir Naik
The Jummah Prayer 39600 - 4 Rakats Sunnah before the Jumma Salah
Rules of Namaz 7212 - Is Ramazam Taraweeh 8 or 20 Rakats?
Tarawih Prayer 7160 - It is permissible and correct to perform 5 or 10 day Tharaweeh Salath.
Tarawih Prayer 7109 - i want to ask that 6 days,10 days,15 days traweeh is correct or wrong?
Leading the Prayer 37510 - Women attending the Masjid for Tarawih Salah
Rules of Namaz 6946 - A boy whose age is between 14 to 15 years stands to conduct Namaz
Rules of Namaz 6440 - Qadha Namaz - قضاء نماز - of an old aged lady?
Rules of Namaz 6378 - Till what time, the days Asar Namaz could be performed?
The Jummah Prayer 6131 - In the Masjid of the factory where I am employed, Jamath is conducted,
The Jummah Prayer 6129 - How many Raka'aths are there in total in Jumma Namaz?
Rules of Namaz 6104 - whose Asar Namaz is due, gets the congregational Namaz of Maghrib,
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 5976 - if one repents sincerely over his evil act and makes Thowba
6724 - Is it possible to visit graveyard and do Fatiha Khwani without Wudhu
5899 - is wazo important for reading quraan on internet ?
Ghusl Bath 3621 - Can she do sex with fingers till she gets satisfaction?
Disliked Acts during Namaz 7229 - do perform their Namaz with risen voices which could be heard
6462 - Please Send Me The Reference Of Hanfi Namaz
Leading the Prayer 6321 - if I join the Jamath while Imam Sahib has started the Sura e Fathiha
Qsr Prayer 6150 - I stay in Sharja and my office is 90 Kilometers away and I use
Disliked Acts during Namaz 5948 - Does Namaz become valid with half sleeved shirts?
Disliked Acts during Namaz 3998 - if the muqtadi does the 2nd salaam before the imaam
Prostration of Forgetfulness 3995 - if Masbooq remembered that he is left with another Raka’ath,
Leading the Prayer 3358 - Is it compulsory for women to go to the Masjid to perform Namaz?
Disliked Acts during Namaz 3060 - Is it correct to perform Namaz wearing half sleeved undershirt?
Funeral Prayer 3052 - Dua In Front of the Janaza After Performing Namaz-e-Janaza
Qsr Prayer 2856 - Prayer for the Traveler
Azan and Iqamah 2797 - Perform Namaz in a Masjid built in a graveyard
Female Diseases 2961 - Performing Wazifa or Supplicating with Quranic Verses During Mensuration
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 6176 - we can recite holy quran without having wazu
Permissible Acts 23475 - Ruling on eating or drinking after sexual intercourse
Azan and Iqamah 5998 - who does not have Shar'i beard use to give Azan and Iqamah
27800 - Does performing Umra make Hajj compulsory?
Impurities 34903 - If the pigeon dies in a water tank, what will be the ruling of the Shari’ah
Compensation and Atonement 893 - Method of Performing Missed Acts of Worship
Leading the Prayer 835 - Forgoing the Congregational Prayer due to Sickness
Ghusl Bath 32166 - during Ghusl women should move the ear-rings so the water can reach the piercings
Charity 35748 - Is it more rewarding to give charity on Thursday
Impurities 32615 - Performing Namaz after applying snake oil
Prayer Time 162 - Salath
Leading the Prayer 81 - Permissible and impermissible
Permissible Acts 2362 - Permissible and impermissible
Sin and Illegal 67749 - Permissible and impermissible
Babies Names Analysis 66056 - Baby Names
Recitation 65340 - Rules of Salath
Meaning of Names 67387 - Baby Names
Meaning of Names 67390 - Baby Names
Rules of Namaz 48703 - Must one repeat his Namaz if he was not fully attentive in it?
Divorce 65978 - Divorce
Burial 60045 - Burial
Rules of Namaz 60046 - Congregational Prayer
Divorce Waiting period 65671 - Iddat - Waiting period
Charity 67397 - Charity
Rules for Haj 67428 - Haj and Umrah
Impurities 67423 - Purity and Impurity
Death and Birth Celebration 67441 - Rituals and Customs
Divorce 67429 - Divorce
Divorce 67450 - Divorce
Atonement of Oath 67517 - Oaths and vows
Marriage 67591 - Marriage
Advocacy & Witness 67589 - Laws of Marriage
Rulings of Naming Children 67598 - Baby Names
Babies Names Analysis 67660 - Baby Names
Biography of the Prophets 16 - Religions
Rules of Namaz 33564 - Supplications for the believers in the last sitting of the prayer
Inheritance 67463 - Inheritance
Laws and Etiquettes of Intercourse 67580 - Marital Etiquettes
Babies Names Analysis 67588 - Baby Names
29597 - Can a woman travel with a child who is close to the age of maturity?
Marriage 67144 - marriage
Marriage 67143 - Laws of Marriage
Fitra - Instinct 3631 - Ruling on Forgoing the Payment of Sadaqatul-Fitr
Halal & Haram Foods 29871 - Food of which a man has eaten of is generally lawful for a woman
Ablution 35093 - It is difficult to take off army boots before Wuzu
Education and Learning 60901 - Knowing Things Through Kashf
Marriage 60902 - Ruling on Marrying Jews and Christian women in the Present Era
The Jummah Prayer 60736 - When does business transactions become unlawful on the day of Jumu'ah?
Rent 60734 - Ruling on Taking a Wage for Teaching the Qur'an
Rules of Namaz 40387 - To what extent should the hands be raised during Takbeer-e-Tahreema?
Rules for Ramadan 3624 - Sleeping with Wife while Fasting and Giving Zakat to Husband
Leading the Prayer 821 - Ruling on Women Leading the Prayer
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 28923 - When should one pay Zakat if he forgets his Zakat date?
Credit Card 25720 - Ruling on Obtaining a Credit Card
Sin and Illegal 24541 - Downloading Books off the Internet and Selling Them
Employment and Job 26092 - Is it permissible to work as an auditor?
Permissible Acts 29338 - Is it permissible to use WhatsApp?
Rules for Adopted Child 29991 - Ruling on Adopting a Child
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 30000 - Giving Charity to Seyeds
Rules for Umrah 29705 - Removing Ihram without Performing Umra
Marital expenses 29961 - Does one have to spend the same amount on both of his wives?
Divorce 29017 - Saying the Words "تجھے چھوڑ دیا" to Issue Divorce
Employment and Job 29161 - Working with People of Different Sects and Religions
Sin and Illegal 29029 - Is it permissible for Ulama to attend marriage ceremonies?
Islamic Punishment 26975 - Siblings Went to England and Renounced Islam
The Day of Judgment 29496 - What happens to a wife if her husband goes to Hell?
Credit Card 39561 - Ruling on Obtaining a Credit Card
Tarawih Prayer 3616 - Is it allowed to perform less than 20 Raka'ats ofTaraweeh?
Tafseer Quran Kareem 3574 - Question About the Revelation of the Holy Qur'an and the Night of Power
Sin and Illegal 3419 - Shaving the Beard upon the Request of Parents and Wife
Oaths and Vows 3536 - Is there an expiation for falsely swearing while placing one's hand on the Holy Qur'an?
Voluntary Fasting 3479 - Fasting on Behalf of Deceased Parents
Sin and Illegal 3374 - Can a woman cut her hair for her husband?
Sin and Illegal 3362 - Is it permissible to demolish a Masjid?
Marriage Rituals 3344 - Ruling on Singing and Listening to Songs on Wedding Occasions
Disliked Acts 3343 - Is it mandatory for men to cover their heads?
Employment and Job 3261 - Lying to Acquire Employment
Dawat and Tabligh 3224 - Question Regarding the Effort of Tabligh
Rules of Namaz 3207 - Performing Salah Behind a Person Who Carries Kufriya Beliefs
Sin and Illegal 3188 - Ruling on Learning and Practicing Magic/Witchcraft
Grave Matter 3175 - Is Munkar and Nakeer a reality, or myth?
Rules of Slaughter 3163 - Can money be given after the birth of a child instead of performing an Aqeeqa?
Rules of Namaz 3144 - Performing Congregational Salah in Office
Halal & Haram Foods 3102 - Ruling on Consuming Niswar
Historical Personalities 3101 - What should be our opinion regarding Yazeed?
Shiah or Rafizi 2831 - Keeping Ties with Shia
Potion and Spell 3087 - Ruling on Using Amulets (Ta'weez)
Conduction Reward 2986 - Distributing Portions of the Qur'an to Neighbors to Recite on Behalf of Someone (Isal-e-Sawab)
Rules of Namaz 3058 - Ruling of the Salah of Woman in the Haram
Halal & Haram Foods 3057 - Partaking in the Food of the People of the Book
Rituals and Customs 2928 - Is celebrating the birth of the Holy Prophet an Islamic tradition?
Gher Muqallid 2968 - Is it permissible to perform Namaz behind a Ghair Muqallid Imam?
Leading the Prayer 2913 - Ruling on Women Going to the Masjid to Perform Salah
Leading the Prayer 2905 - Performing Namaz Behind a Barelvi Imam
Ablution 2871 - How will the one afflicted with urinary incontinence perform Salah?
Meaning of Hadith 29074 - Ruling on Quoting this Hadith
Ablution 2837 - Removing Artificial Teeth During Wuzu
Medicine and Treatment 26909 - Is it permissible to move out if family members are also sick in current location?
Supererogatory Acts 29047 - Isal-e-Sawab for Non-Mahram
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 28915 - Zakat on Articles of Trade
Rules of Slaughter 29025 - Performing Aqeeqa after the Birth of Youngest Son without Having Performed it for Older Sons
Employment and Job 29118 - Am I entitled to my salary during the time it takes to fulfil legal documents before I begin working?
Laws of Hijab 27058 - Leaving the Husband's House During the Waiting Period
Halal & Haram Foods 29821 - Consuming Products Containing Alcohol as an Ingredient
Issues Regarding Children 29097 - What should we do about mentally deranged brother?
Hadith investigation 29782 - Are the Ahadith Qudsiya also of the eternal attributes of Allah?
Ablution 2824 - Ruling of Wudhu and Ghusl with Permanent Paste on Gums
Prayer Time 2798 - At what time does the time of Ishraq commences?
Rules for the Secrifice 2795 - Nisab for Qurbani
Permissible Acts 2788 - Shaving the Hair on the Legs and Arms
Permissible Acts 2770 - What is the correct dress code for Muslims?
Rules of Namaz 2747 - Method of Performing Missed Prayers
Employment and Job 28781 - Paying for Employment
Various issues 6108 - Can a Hafizah recite the Qur'an on her periods?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 6250 - Can you touch the Qur'an without being in a state of ablution(Wudhu)?
Permissible Acts 2736 - Hugging and Embracing One and Other on the Day of Eid and Other Happy Occasions
Permissible Acts 25245 - Ruling on Alcohol Added in Cosmetic Products as an Ingredient
Heaven 6484 - A Question about the Young Male Servants in Paradise
Hadith investigation 6565 - If you forget anything recite Durood on me so that you will remember
Buying and Selling 37043 - Buying/Selling Merchandise that Is not in One's Ownership
Pervezi 6194 - Ghulam Ahmed Pervez And His Refutation of Ahadith
Sin and Illegal 2705 - Can women use metal blades to remove pubic hair?
Rules for the Secrifice 2692 - Ruling on Offering Qurbani in the Event of Lost, Injury or Death of the Sacrificial Animal
Historical Information 35803 - Was the theory if evolution mentioned in the Quran and Hadith?
Monotheism 33504 - What was the need for the Miraj if Allah is everywhere?
Rules of Namaz 2602 - Is it permissible to perform Salat-e-Tasbeeh?
Employment and Job 2589 - Working in a Place Where Pork and Alcohol Is Sold
Dream Interpretation 2543 - Seeing the Holy Prophetﷺ in One's Dream
Telepathy 2336 - What does Islam say about Telepathy?
Rules of Slaughter 2542 - The Parts of Animals that are Unlawful for Consumption
Rules of Namaz 2341 - Ruling on Collective Supplication after the Obligatory Prayer
Grave Matter 2058 - Is Punishment of the grave proven from the Holy Quran?
Rules for the Secrifice 1521 - Performing Qurbani on Behalf of Family Members
The Prophetic Tradition 6830 - What is the sin for removing the beard?
Sin and Illegal 1773 - Is shaving the beard a form of disbelief?
Nights of Worship 1286 - The Significance of the 15th of Shaban
Potion and Spell 1039 - Using Ta'weez to Achieve Worldly Gains
Potion and Spell 3449 - Wazifa for Kindling in One's Heart the Love for Performing Salah
Halal & Haram Foods 26884 - Consuming Silver Paper
Sin and Illegal 28989 - Shaving the Beard to Travel for Studies
Oaths and Vows 29379 - Making an Oath to give a Percentage of One's Earnings in the Path of Allah
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 29009 - Giving Zakat to Someone in Debt
Permissible Acts 26898 - Keeping Birds in Captivity
Halal & Haram Foods 29477 - Ruling on Beer Consisting of a Small Percentage of Alcohol
Interest 41148 - Amanah Islamic Finance
Education and Learning 35268 - Is snapping the fingers Sunnah?
Rules of Slaughter 29352 - Ruling of the Slaughtering of a Sacrificial Animal Performed by a Woman
Gift 29166 - Method of Giving a Gift
Gift 35496 - Distributing One's Wealth during One's Lifetime
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 27893 - Forgetting the Qu'an after Marriage
The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon Him 14046 - Which religion did the Prophet Muhammad follow before revelation?
Historical Information 14532 - What is the name of Prophet Ibrahim's mother?
Barelvi 10748 - Is the book " Bahar e Shari’at" reliable for religious matters?
Meaning of Hadith 10209 - Difference Between Hadith and Hadith-e-Qudsi
Marriage Rituals 23751 - Confirming the Bride's Virginity on the Night of Marriage
Rules for the Secrifice 887 - Offering Qurbani on Behalf of Family Members
Rules of Namaz 860 - Ruling of Wearing a Cap (Topi) during Namaz
Biography of the Companions 12324 - What is the meaning of Khulafa e Rashideen
Halal & Haram Incomes 850 - Accepting a Wage for Teaching the Qur'an
Yoga 2315 - Islamic Ruling of Yoga
Religious parties 932 - Which Fiqh is correct, Deobandi, Barelvi or Ahl e Hadeeth?
Imitation & Effort 51103 - The Legal Status of Following an Imam (Taqleed)
Employment and Job 920 - Working as a C.D Player Navigator and Amplifier
Imitation & Effort 51508 - Our (Masjids) Imam says to do Amal only on Qur'an and Hadees
Prophethood 950 - Is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ alive in his grave?
Halala and Irrevocable Divorce 2932 - Ruling of Three Talaqs Given in the Same or Different Occasions
Education and Learning 2942 - Using the Word "Molana" for an Aalim (Islamic Scholar)
Historical Information 2973 - Did Hazrat Ali (R.A) pledge allegiance with the three Khalifas before him?
Suicide 3076 - Will the one who committed suicide be forgiven after death?
Rules of Namaz 3135 - Doing Raf-Al-Yadain (Raising the Hands) in Optional Prayers
Apostasy 3143 - Why is death the punishment for apostasy in Islam?
Interest 3153 - Engaging in Interest Based Transactions with Non-Muslims in Darul-Harb (Territory of War)
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 3417 - Hosting a Quran Khawani for the Purpose of Isal-e-Sawab
Rituals and Customs 3427 - Reciting Certain Chapters of the Holy Quran on Sweets and then Distributing them
Nights of Worship 3440 - What is the method of celebrating the night of the Mi'raj?
Funeral Innovations 3230 - Supplicating through the Intercession of a Pious Saint
Polytheism 3381 - What is the ruling on saying "Ya Rasool Allah"?
Halal & Haram Foods 3408 - Working at Mc. Donald's
Financing Schemes 37109 - Ruling on Telenor's S.I.M reactivation offer
Heaven 3428 - Will religion still remain even in heaven?
Charity 28175 - Disclosing one's intention of charity
Sin and Illegal 27664 - Wearing clothes beneath one's ankles
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40439 - Zakat on debts
Permissible Acts 21793 - Buffet System
Compensation and Atonement 6740 - Breaking the fast due to pregnancy
Permissible Acts 27317 - Using student's belongings without permission
Rules for the Secrifice 23593 - Giving a portion of the meat of the sacrificial animal for family of the Mujahideen
Faith 29225 - Using gold or silver tooth caps
Halal & Haram Foods 27172 - Eating food at a non-Muslim's restaurant
Divorce 41326 - Giving Talaq via WhatsApp voice message
Insurance 23486 - Ruling on medical insurance provided by company
Rules for Haj 26075 - Method of Haj-e-Badal
Marriage 23310 - ؐMarrying the daughter of a retired person who worked in a bank
Photography 29562 - Ruling on making cartoon images
Conduction Reward 29538 - Reciting Quran at the head and foot of the grave after burial
Etiquette and rulings of vows 29543 - Cooking and distributing food to people of the 10th of Muharram
Potion and Spell 29222 - Wazifa to end conflict between parents
Rulings of Naming Children 29537 - Ruling on giving children the names of angels
Dawat and Tabligh 29295 - Forcing the Imam to participate in Tablighi gatherings
Of Marriage and Marriageability 28454 - What are the Shar'ee boundaries between me and my female teacher?
Counterfeiting 29324 - Using the degree obtained by cheating in one's exam to get employment
Rules for Ramadan 29365 - Specific scenario about fasting
Of Marriage and Marriageability 26989 - Is your wife's sister of your non-marriageable relatives (Mahaarim)?
Relation with non Muslims 28397 - Accepting food from Christians on the day of Easter
Hadith investigation 33115 - I would like clarification for the authenticity of one narration. Is this Hadith recorded in the books of Ahadith?
Rulings of Naming Children 35516 - Giving the name "Arshman"
Tarawih Prayer 31070 - Is it enough to perform only eight Raka'aats for Taraweeh? And can the Taraweeh prayer be performed in sets of four Raka'aats?
Fashion and Beauty 30900 - Is it permissible to wear a Rado Daistar watch?
Trade and Business 35082 - Ruling on selling filtered water
Employment and Job 35307 - Working in a medical department that issues polio vaccines
Permissible Acts 35509 - Ruling on using the free minutes given by the mobile company after reactivating one's S.I.M
Permissible Acts 30688 - Ruling on making student cards and selling it to students
Relation with non Muslims 30624 - Hiring a Hindu woman to do house work
Expenses of the Masjid 32922 - Is the floor of the masjid alive?
Laws of Hijab 32582 - Marrying within a family that does not properly adhere to the laws of Hijab (Shar'ee Parda)
Potion and Spell 32679 - Which action causes beauty on one's face?
Sin and Illegal 32308 - Ruling on getting a body wax done
Laws of Hijab 33273 - Can a woman leave her home to go shopping?
Rent 37038 - Taking rent from cellphone company for allowing them to erect their cell tower
Fabricated Hadith 46360 - Hadith: "One who goes out in the path of Allah, Allah is present in his home". Is this Hadith fabricated?
Rules of Namaz 36876 - Omitting the recitation of Darood and Dua in the last sitting of prayer
Financing Schemes 36829 - Ruling on taking charges services provided on Easypaisa account
Marriage Rituals 36195 - Having a sedan chair in the masjid and charging whoever wants to use it
Disliked Acts 44560 - Using VPN to obtain more food vouchers
Leading the Prayer 38848 - Can one who suffers from urinary incontinence lead the prayer?
Impurities 25135 - Ruling on water of a well located near a drain
Permissible Acts 40851 - Using hand sanitizers that has alcohol as an ingredient
Relation with non Muslims 24046 - Being friends with someone of the Qadiyani sect
Rulings of Naming Children 41300 - Importance of giving proper names to children
Wedding Feast 38747 - Ruling on food provided on the occasion of Baraat
Gift 41392 - Father promises an amount to his son for visa but was not able to give it to him within his lifetime
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 28125 - Using the money of Zakat for public welfare purposes
Photography 24778 - Ruling on digital pictures
Sin and Illegal 40025 - Adding animal features to pictures and sharing them on social media
Conditional Divorce 41378 - Will a conditional divorce upon entering a house come into effect after the death of the owner of the house?
Miscellaneous Religions 25393 - Are the present day Jews and Christians considered as disbelievers?
Tarawih Prayer 5194 - Is it necessary to perform Taraweeh everyday in Ramadan?
Halal & Haram Foods 4765 - Where is it written in the Quran and Hadith that beer is Haram?
Network Marketing 5074 - Is Network Marketing Halal?
Historical Information 6128 - Is it true that Hazrat Ali birth's took place in BaitUllah?
Nights of Worship 6389 - Are the Virtues of Shab-e-Bara'at proven from Quran and Ahadith?
Nights of Worship 5079 - What us the status of Shab-e-Bara'at in Islam?
Permissible Acts 34576 - Breaking one's fast to give blood
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 41376 - Ruling on supplicating after partaking in food prepared for Isal-e-Thawab for the deceased
Permissible Acts 28198 - Will one be sinful for installing an internet package for someone who makes bad use for the internet?
Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 25071 - Giving salutations to the grave of the messenger of Allah while it is being shown on live T.V
Halal & Haram Incomes 41468 - Ruling on the money received for depositing money in Easypaisa account
Atonement of Oath 40706 - Making a promise to Allah to not do something
Invalidators of Fasting 5293 - Does Fasting become void if eye-drops are used in the eyes?
Aitekaf - Recluse 4433 - Is studying for exams allowed during aitikaaf? - اعتکاف
Rules for Ramadan 34522 - Sounding a siren to wake people up for Sehri
Fashion and Beauty 31859 - To pluck out the gray strands hair from one’s beard
Permissible Acts 41384 - Is it permissible to inject children with the polio vaccine?
Bribery 28312 - Losing team purchasing drinks for both teams
Fabricated Hadith 40103 - Hadith: Islam will last for 1500 years
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 25533 - Can one give charity to his religious mentor (Ustadh/Sheikh)?
Supererogatory Acts 24281 - When is the time for Tahajjud?
Pregnancy and Labour 41456 - Aborting a 10 months old fetus
Halal & Haram Foods 24097 - Ruling on eating white cat fish
Rights of Spouses 23548 - Calling one's husband "brother"
Halal & Haram Foods 25048 - Is strawberry Halal or Haram?
Permissible Acts 41000 - Should one fight for his right, or forgive?
Permissible Acts 23479 - Ruling on eating with someone who does not offer Namaz
Of Marriage and Marriageability 24047 - Are the grandmother and the mother-in-law's sister of the Maharramat (non-marriageable relatives)?
Rulings of Naming Children 41474 - Giving the name Ummi Hani
Marriage 41076 - Marrying wife's niece after her death
Tithes and Tributes 34267 - Zakat on crops
Contractual Marriages 33029 - Ruling on Nikah-e-Muyassar
Rulings of Naming Children 29779 - Is it permissible to give the name "Mihja'"?
Miscellaneous Religions 33343 - Are nowadays' Jews and Christians of the people of the book?
Financing Schemes 41472 - Investing with B4U
Permissible Acts 40889 - Cutting down a tree in fear of possible dangers from it falling
Miscellaneous Islamic Practices 33906 - Is it permissible to study the Bible?
Manners of the Masjid 34861 - Begging inside of the masjid
Miscellaneous Islamic Practices 28219 - Will the one who dies from stomach pain be counted as a Shaheed?
Financing Schemes 47117 - Ruling on future and spot trading in cryptocurrency
Death and Birth Celebration 26906 - Women gathering in a house to conduct a program to celebrate the Melad
Interest 28414 - Selling something on installments and repurchasing it with cash
Rules for Umrah 26926 - Perfroming Tawaf on behalf of someone alive
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 34551 - Can angels recite the Holy Quran?
Fabricated Hadith 46573 - Did the messenger of Allahﷺ teach Hazrat Aisha how to knead flour?
The Prophetic Tradition 36225 - How much did the Holy Prophetﷺ recite the Quran on a daily basis?
Faith 46337 - If a Sahabi objects to any Islamic practice, will that cause him to exit the fold of Islam?
Meaning of Hadith 47337 - Hadith about love for Ali (R.A)
Sin and Illegal 47505 - Taking a fine from students for breaking school rules
Rules for Adopted Child 47438 - Is an adopted child entitled to inherit from of his bilogical father?
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 46735 - Will the mentioned statement cause one to exit the fold of Islam?
Leading the Prayer 36501 - Performing the Sunnat of the Fajr Namaz after the obligatory prayer
Photography 36517 - Selling wooden sculptures or toys of living things to a Non-Muslim
Manners and Rules of Dress 37717 - Working in a clothes factory that maufactures women's clothes
Trade and Business 39409 - Breeding birds to sell as a business
Rituals and Customs 36511 - Pouring blood on the foundation of a building
Leading the Prayer 37182 - Status of the Namaz performed behind one who cleans the masjid
Laws of Hijab 36009 - Are he Husband's uncles considered as Mahram for the wife?
Ablution 37953 - Does applying perfume invalidate ablution?
Halal & Haram Foods 37977 - Ruling on providing food in a Buffet System
Information Technology 37700 - Ruling on working in the I.T department of a financial institution
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 37614 - Ruling on reciting Joshen-e-Kabir
Laws of Hijab 38325 - Wearing an Abaya over jeans and other types of clothing
Impurities 29614 - Can water with a bad smell be used for purification?
Insurance 29613 - Ruling on Provident Fund and Insurance
Manners of the Masjid 29301 - Can the top floor of the masjid be made into an Islamic library?
Faith 5814 - Haleem is the name of Almighty Allah we should avoid calling that dish
Sin and Illegal 5683 - Where in Quran Its say that Muslim can't keep a dog
Impurities 26090 - Ruling on the Namaz performed in clothes upon which alcohol has fallen
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 27750 - Who will be closer to the holy Prophet (S.A) on the Day of Judgement?
Provident Fund 29265 - Zakat on amount deducted as Provident Fund
Tithes and Tributes 29591 - Will someone in debt pay Ushr?
The Jummah Prayer 29544 - Delaying the four Sunnats before the Jumu'ah Salah
The Eid Prayer 22457 - Performing the Eid Salah on the street
Laws of Hijab 24757 - Hazrat Umar's (R.A) admonition to the slave girl
Sin and Illegal 25441 - Placing one's foon on the picture/image of a religious personality
Of Marriage and Marriageability 27565 - Going to Umra with husband's nephews
Oaths and Vows 28241 - Giving its cash value for the sake of Allah, instead of the actually thing upon which the oath was made
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 25646 - S.M.S service sends daily Quranic verses and Ahadith
Interest 28139 - Receiving more than the amount that was lent
Photography 21055 - Ruling on digital pictures
Halal & Haram Foods 26050 - Rumour about the meat of dogs and donkeys being sold at restaurants
Magic 23153 - Learning majic to defend Islam
Fine or Penalty 28046 - Ruling on the fees levied for the late payment of installments
Rules for Haj 23550 - Is one performing Hajj considered a Musafir or a Muqeem?
Rules for the Secrifice 23439 - How should the meat of the sacrifical animal be distributed?
Committee 26589 - Paying to exchange turns in a comittee
Leading the Prayer 25463 - Performing the Sunnat of Fajr in the masjid after the Iqamat for the congregational prayer has been given
Tithes and Tributes 27791 - Ushr upon crops watered by a solar powered tube wheel
Rent 29318 - Paying the one hired to cut grass from the same grass he has cut
Prayer Time 29572 - Performing Asr Salah before its time (as per the Hanafi school of thought)
Photography 27816 - ُRuling on printing out images
Buying and Selling 29055 - Giving the buyer more than what was agreed upon in the contract of sale
Halal & Haram Incomes 28591 - Is my job at a U.N office lawful or not?
Crimes & Major sins 29575 - Using technology to provide evidence against criminal offences
The Jummah Prayer 29535 - Performing the Jumma Salah twice in the same masjid
Halal & Haram Incomes 28332 - Giving money to attain a deserving position at one's job
Rules for Haj 29416 - Performing Tawaf-e-Ziyarat after the 12th of Zul-Hijjah
Burial 29033 - Burying the Imam in the Masjid
Relation with non Muslims 29573 - Building a house for a Hindu client
Fashion and Beauty 29353 - Ruling on applying Mehindi to the beard
Leading the Prayer 29330 - Muqtadi saying "Allahu-Akbar" for Ruku and Sujood
Meaning of Hadith 42558 - Questions regarding the establishment of rulings and laws in the Shari'ah
Medicine and Treatment 44372 - Inseminating the husband's sperm and another woman's eggs into the womb of the wife to cure fibroids (Rosali) and for childing bearing
Divorce 44297 - Shaving the beard upon the wife's request
Sin and Illegal 43067 - Using hair from the inner part of the beard for a hair transplant
Disliked Acts 44528 - Renting out one's shop to a client who will use it to sell/download movies, music etc.
Halal & Haram Incomes 44492 - Ruling on the comission recieved for writing an exam on behalf of someone else
Polytheism 40156 - Bowing towards someone when greeting them
Permissible Acts 37028 - Ruling about Beneficial insects - Are Insects Halal?
Qsr Prayer 37030 - Train-driver, worker, pilot and similarly those working on a ship, will shorten Salah during their travel
Company and speculation 35143 - My friend wants to invest with me Should I give him a fixed profit or not?
Amulets and Spiritual Process 44444 - Can Jinns enter the body of a human being?
Qsr Prayer 36682 - If the distance between the job and his home is at least 78km (شرعی مسافت)
Halal & Haram Things 37048 - A lot of things (like Shampoo, perfume etc.) contains alcohol
Laws of Hijab 39727 - Performing Hajj without Mehram
Marriage 37065 - legal requirement that I firstly seek the consent of my first wife
Rights of Children 44145 - Will the parents of a child be held accountable for allowing him to go astray?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44075 - Zakat on Provident Fund
Rules of Namaz 44172 - Offering Namaz while travelling on a plane
Marriage 44211 - Offering and acceptance of marriage through a phone call
Sin and Illegal 44078 - Playing Quranic audio in a public hospital
Supererogatory Acts 43739 - Counting Tasbihaat with the left hand
Ablution 43610 - Sunnat method of performing Khilal while washing the feet in Wuzu (ablution)
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 44922 - Is Zakat due on gold that has been pawned in a bank to take a loan?
Divorce Waiting period 45132 - Can a woman spend her Iddat (waiting period) in the house they have been renting?
Leading the Prayer 43796 - Joining Namaz of an Imam and a Muqtadi while they are in Tashahhud
Heaven 46173 - Names of the Levels of Paradise and their Inhabitants
Rules for the Secrifice 46519 - Ruling on performing Qurbani (i.e. the animal sacrifice) with an animal that appears older than its actual age.
Azan and Iqamah 46252 - Can a child give the Azan?
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 45203 - Giving Zakat to a Home for Mental Children
Trade and Business 28901 - Is it permissible to sell glasses for business as per Shari’ah
Prophethood 31380 - He ﷺ see him with the eyes of his heart or with his actual eyes
Trade and Business 31381 - Is it sinful to drive without a license
Employment and Job 31883 - How good or bad is it to do business with Qadianis
Monotheistic Religions 33665 - Is the Injil ( Gospel of Jesus) referred to as the Bible
Compensation and Atonement 34465 - I have broken many fasts of Ramadan
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 34570 - Can old and ruined pages of the Holy Quran be burnt
Currency 34790 - Trading new notes, where the buyer gives, extra fall is this interest
Currency 34834 - Can I convert my money to USD
Rules for the Secrifice 34863 - can we weigh the animal of Qurbani and then purchase it
34989 - Can I do Microblading for My eyebrows
Information Technology 35073 - Creates a Video Game and makes money from it
Financing Schemes 35112 - We place tokens in some packs of chips
Tawaf And Saae 4212 - The new Masaa was built towards the external side of Haram
Istikhara 4213 - Please help me to understand IStakhara - دعاء الاستخارہ
Donation 4225 - To disclose more than the actual number of students
Potion and Spell 4233 - Wazeefa for government service
Halal & Haram Foods 4278 - A company who import frozen chicken/meat from Brazil Australia
Rules for Umrah 4285 - Taking LOAN to go to perform Umrah
4286 - is it allowed to do Aqeeqa at any age of the child? - عقیقہ
Rules for Umrah 4311 - I performed Umrah and not shaved my head
Rules for the Secrifice 4328 - Is it permissible or not to give cow in Qurban in India?
Dawat and Tabligh 4335 - Da'wath o thabligh is Fardh e Ain or Fardh e Kifaya
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4337 - we do Qur'an Khawani and serve meals like Biryani etc
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 4418 - performing tawaf and saee in umra - طواف و سعی
Istikhara 4409 - Is it permissible to get Isthikhara done through a Molvi Sahab?
Dawat and Tabligh 4370 - Three days Sayrozaa, Chilla, and four months in islam
Gher Muqallid 4405 - Can we participate in the functions of Ghair Muqallideen?
Potion and Spell 4415 - wazifa for the progress of my new established business
Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 4426 - Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam was a light (نُور) or a human?
Influential Personalities 4446 - about the compilation of Moulana Ibthisam Ilahi Zubair.
Relation with non Muslims 4516 - if a non-Muslim drinks or eat in the utensil then what is the order
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 4520 - Is it Ja'iz to have the Qur'an Khanis of nowadays?
Showbiz 4636 - we cannot use any instruments in NAAT or HAMD
Dawat and Tabligh 4910 - People says that Tableeghi jamaat is actually against Jihad - تبلیغی جماعت
Potion and Spell 4935 - I am very very weak in morning prayer.
Leading the Prayer 4973 - doing Masah (wiping) over normal Nylon or Cotton socks
Laws of Hijab 5034 - I converted to Islam 9 years ago Alhamdulillah. Want to wear hijab
Dawat and Tabligh 5109 - in some Mosques if it is decided that Jama'ath would stay their,
Istikhara 5168 - When one should seek for ISTAKHARA (استخارہ)
Marriage Rituals 5180 - In many wedding functions people use to beat drums and girls
Tarawih Prayer 5244 - Can Women pray Taraweeh in a mosque by JAMAT
Tarawih Prayer 5291 - Seeing the Qur'an Kareem while perform Namaz during taravih prayer
Aitekaf - Recluse 5295 - i want to know the sharee status of aitikaaf by women
Aitekaf - Recluse 5326 - housewife while she is in etikaf to make arrangements for Sehri
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 5344 - can we give Zakat to and to which relatives we cant give?
The Prophetic Tradition 5377 - Wearing Cap or Turban is not particular for Namaz!
The Prophetic Tradition 5398 - I could not find the method of applying Itar ( عطر) in any books
Rules of Namaz 5405 - Is it prohibited to crackle fingers while in Namaz?
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5418 - whether Tha’weez is permissible for a worldly or any other purpose ?
Rules for the Secrifice 5467 - What is the Shar'i standard of doing Qurban in Eid ul Adh'ha?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 5395 - The condition to touch the Qur'an is to remain under ablution
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5475 - I am under the influence of evil-eye
Potion and Spell 5518 - the basic Wazeefa for this is leaving sins and paying attention...
Rules for the Secrifice 5528 - buying of animals like goat, cow etc. by weight
Dawat and Tabligh 5597 - people of thablighi Jama'ath engage in Jihad or talk anything about Jihad?
Traditional Islamic Practices 5688 - A person who do not believe in prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 12793 - is Men shaving beard Haram.
Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 38865 - be very careful in choosing one’s words when speaking about the prophet
Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 33817 - to use the word
Respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 5609 - insulting and offensive words to disgrace our prophet Muhamad ﷺ
Rules for the Secrifice 5633 - Is it compulsory on every person to do Qurbani?
Azan and Iqamah 5639 - About the SA'EE place which is newly expanded by Saudi govt,
Interest 5654 - I have an interest based loan
Rules for Haj 5676 - Qurbani during Eid ul Adha is not only with the Haj Pilgrims
Halal & Haram Foods 5679 - I just want to know about the use of
Rules for the Secrifice 5678 - use the milk of an animal which bought for the Qurbani?
Halal & Haram Animals 5686 - it is Halal or Haram to eat bowel (the intestines) of cow or goat?
Rules for Haj 5684 - Is it better to do Sadaqa or perform second Haj/Umrah (نفل حج)
Rules for the Secrifice 5687 - Qurbani of a bull who is 1 year 4 months but it's weighs about 550 ponds.
Potion and Spell 5696 - I have scars of wounds on my face.please inform me of a Wazeefa.
Impurities 5700 - Person, whose hands have some najis thing (ناپاک), touches anything.
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 5742 - How should we protect the unusable old Qur'an Majeed
Rules for the Secrifice 5747 - Skin of the Qurbani was given to build the library of the Masjid?
Impurities 5751 - Will the clothes be impure if Mazi - مذی - strikes on them?
Rules of Jihad 5760 - to get the permission of parents to engage in Jihad fi Sabeelillah - الجہاد فی سبیل اللہ
The Prophetic Tradition 5767 - Tharaweh Namaz keeps long beard during the Ramadan
Ghusl Bath 41247 - Cutting one’s fingernails and toenails after Ghusul
Counterfeiting 5773 - Some people steal electricity to reduce the amount of electricity bills.
Sin and Illegal 5818 - please tell me the difference between Makroh and Haram?
Rulings of Naming Children 5825 - Is there a way of consicing the Namaz of Qadha e Umeri?
Marriage 5839 - please tell me,is love affair allowed in our religion ISLAM?
Potion and Spell 5865 - Wazifa so that I can get a beautiful and wonderful Wife
Sin and Illegal 5869 - Who owns the remnant of cut material left out by the tailor?
Sin and Illegal 5906 - The act of the followers of Lut حضرت لوط علیہ السلام
Tithes and Tributes 5908 - who will pay the Ushur of the land?
Manners and Rules of Dress 5947 - As owner I have made only pant and shirt (without tie) as the uniform
The Prophetic Tradition 5935 - How is it to say - الصلوۃ و السلام علیک یا رسول اللہ
Of Marriage and Marriageability 5955 - Can a boy have a friendship with a girl
Rules of Slaughter 5980 - If a Kafir slaughters after reciting Bismillah is it allowed to eat?
Potion and Spell 5983 - a Wazeefa which could be recitable daily
Dawat and Tabligh 5994 - criticize the people of Thableeghi Jama'ath by which, I really get hurt.
Manners of the Masjid 6012 - is it allowed to have tea in a restaurant that serves harm food also
Magic 6034 - Local Imam uses Jinns and also carries out black magic
Dawat and Tabligh 6224 - is Tablighi Jamaat gone astray or it is deviant in the glance
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 6075 - If this Sadaqa is not of Wajib
Rules of Slaughter 6076 - Qurbani of animal who fed by hormone injections are Haram
Istikhara 6077 - the best and the Sunnath method of doing Isthikhara
Leading the Prayer 6085 - Imam finished 3 rakat for maghrib, and stood up for 4th by mistake
Shiah or Rafizi 6092 - Who were the 12 Imams about whom Shi'as are saying about?
Bribery 6096 - paying for government job
Rules of Namaz 6123 - the way of performing Witr Namaz according to all four Imams.
Rules for Haj 6127 - go for Umrah with his wife, mother in law and the sister in law
Voluntary Fasting 6141 - Sir, What is meant by ‘Shanba’ شنبہ کا روزہ
Death and Birth Celebration 6152 - charity for celebrating this day - عید میلاد النبی ﷺ - happily
Interest 6156 - I would like to know about interst in darul harab
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 6173 - in need of taking guidance from you about the tradition of Aameen
Rights Of the Masjid 6172 - Direction of the Qibla in Masjid is not proper will the Namaz be valid?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 6175 - who one listens recitation of the holy Quran through the TV
Signs of the Day of Judgment 6178 - Dajjal - دجال - will Born on earth or he is already present
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 6184 - How much Zakat do I have to pay on them?
Dawat and Tabligh 6199 - is Tableeghi Jamat work according to Quran and Hadith?
Rules for the Secrifice 6205 - To do Qurban for wife
Rules for Haj 6188 - Haj performed in childhood at the age of 8 years validate the Farz
Potion and Spell 6225 - There is an evil thing which I am unable to control
Potion and Spell 6246 - there is an hour on Friday when all supplications are answered
Marriage 6255 - Can a SYED GIRL marry a NON SYED boy?
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 6257 - can i do the second umrah to change my ahram on the aysha masjid
Photography 6265 - to take photos and then design it and display it on the website
Potion and Spell 6267 - The Imam of the Masjid here prevented me from wearing Tha'weez
Potion and Spell 6295 - Please inform me of an easy but effective Wazifa for marriage
Showbiz 6293 - music only songs not videos is that rite r wrong to listen
Halal & Haram Foods 6300 - meat in KFC, McDonald's and Subway etc Halal or Haram?
Religious Figures 6310 - I would like to know a Fatwa about Gohar Shahi. فتنہ گوھر شاھی
Rules of Namaz 6323 - Here in Ireland I can find two or three different timings of Salat
Rules of Namaz 6325 - The basis of Salath(نماز) , Saum(روزہ) is not the present day clock
Halal & Haram Foods 6327 - key element in Pepsi and Cola contains extract from the intestines of Pig
Dawat and Tabligh 6340 - My parents do not give permission to attend any religious activities
Leading the Prayer 6341 - go to Masjid or perform Namaz in the office without any excuse?
Rituals and Customs 6362 - people use to boast on one another on superiority
Trousseau 6366 - To give the home-goods or gift on daughters marriage
Interest 6380 - Muslim get interest being a resident or citizen in non Islamic country
Rules of Namaz 6391 - walking in front of a person who is performing Namaz
Magic 6402 - How can we do some thing if one is suffering from Black Magic
Religious Figures 6403 - Islamic Propagation Center of a person called Muhammad Sheikh
Counterfeiting 6411 - we mix ice in milk due to save the milk and reduce the cost.
Relation with non Muslims 6412 - to perform Namaz in a Church in a city in America
Halal & Haram Animals 6436 - What is the ruling about Kangaroo whether it is Haram or Halal?
Rules for Haj 6420 - If parents can bear up by themselves all the expenses of Haj
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 6429 - Can I pay my ZAKAT in PMs special fund created to help displaced people
Marriage 6431 - having sexual relationship with slave girl
Rights of Spouses 6447 - if a husband beats the wife without any reason
Medicine and Treatment 6448 - please give the uses of iguana oil as well as the way to use it
Heresy 6169 - Mehfal e Husne Qirath conducted by your Jamia Binoria, is this bidat?
Prophethood 6195 - if some one belevie that Hazoor ﷺ have knowledge of Qiyamat.
Halal & Haram Foods 6468 - Are Lays chips halal?
Qadiyani 6470 - is it legal for a Muslim man to marry a qadiyani woman?
Halal & Haram Foods 6471 - Are Lays chips halal on Not?
Virtuous Acts 6499 - Killing Gecko is not only permissible but also an act of getting reward?
Halal & Haram Foods 6502 - The Commercial run in TV about Lays Chips
Halal & Haram Foods 6532 - in Saudia we compelled to buy machine-slaughtered chicken/meat
Potion and Spell 6535 - Wazeefa for good and pious sons - وظیفہ برائے نیک اولاد
Prostration of Forgetfulness 6553 - it does not become sure whether I have performed 3 Rakat or 4
Entertainment and Sports 6560 - children's toys which resemble any animal such as Panda, Lion etc
Rules of Namaz 6715 - pray asr at shafi time with them or shall we wait for hanafi time
Funeral Innovations 6597 - The method of sitting for paying condolence as mentioned is not correct,
Halal & Haram Foods 6630 - Lays Chips not Halal due to the fact that it contains a Code E621
Network Marketing 6640 - to work with the Norway based company Gold Mine International?
Network Marketing 6641 - I would like to know about the network marketing.
Nights of Worship 6653 - What is the status of 15th night of Sha’ban شب برات in Islam?
Halal & Haram Foods 6673 - Junaid Jemshid use to pose in Lays Chips Ads to say that it is 100% Halal.
Potion and Spell 6681 - Inquirer should try his best to control the anger.
Potion and Spell 6701 - I am married since 11 years and not yet blessed with children.
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 6710 - made plastic coating on Ayathul Kursi
Compensation and Atonement 6714 - woman who feeding her child, whether she can skips her Roza During Ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 6726 - cleaning pubic and arm-pit hair during Ramadan before the Sunset.
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 6749 - Who Believes in the Prophet-hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyaani
Religious Figures 6752 - Ghulam Ahmed Pervez and Masood Ahmed Usmani
Conduction Reward 6763 - I need to know about giving the sawab of reciting quraan
Nights of Worship 6765 - reality of Shab e Barat last night it was celebrated all over the country
Nights of Worship 6788 - inform the virtues of Shab e Shab-e-barat in the light of Hadees or Sharia
Relation with non Muslims 6810 - driving taxi in Canberra. people who ask me to take them to brothel or pub
Nights of Worship 6814 - What is the difference between Shab e Bara'ath and Shab e Qadr?
The Prophetic Tradition 6919 - Whether Hazrath Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam had given Azan?
Rules for Haj 6951 - Can my father perform Haj e Badal for my mother?
Invalidators of Fasting 7028 - can i use inhaler during the fasting in Ramadan.
Magic 6966 - Although the reflection of black magic is true
Invalidators of Fasting 7098 - If a patient due to his illness is unable to observe fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 6999 - sexual intercourse with wife while they are Fasting
Mobile Phone 7007 - Is it correct to use Naat as ringtone?
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 7017 - tell me the shortest and authentic Dhrood Sharif to read daily
Invalidators of Fasting 7019 - please tell us abut naswar - نسوار - during ramadan
Invalidators of Fasting 7023 - kissing & hugging your own wife while fasting
Invalidators of Fasting 7031 - test of sperms for purpose of fertility while fasting in Ramadan
Marriage 7039 - Tradition prevailing in questioners family is against the Shari'a
Invalidators of Fasting 7041 - How is it to apply perfume while observing Fast?
Rules of Namaz 7060 - Pray salah without covering their heads
Leading the Prayer 7062 - Can women conduct their own Jamat within the house or in some halls?
Invalidators of Fasting 7069 - Fasting does not break by discharge of Mazi (pre-coitus discharge)
Rules for Ramadan 7114 - please guide on the timing of iftar and saher during ramzan?
Of Marriage and Marriageability 7151 - Can the Mother in Law perform Haj with the Son in Law
Rules of Namaz 7162 - What is the correct way of raising the finger in Thashahhud - تشہد?
Potion and Spell 7163 - a Wazeefa which could make me interested in studies.
Potion and Spell 7164 - a Wazeefa by which the blood pressure becomes controlled
The Eid Prayer 7169 - How is it to do Musafaha and Muanaqa during the Eid day?
Potion and Spell 7175 - New born has got Jaundice and is at a high level, suggest some wazifa
Potion and Spell 7177 - reading certain types of Wazeefa after certain Salat
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 7182 - i read at your site that we need to pay zakat on 40th part of our wealth
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 7189 - who does not perform daily Namaz even does not keep fasting during Ramadan
Relation with non Muslims 7200 - to eat food which is halal but purchased by a non-Muslim?
Fashion and Beauty 7271 - The perfume and body spray that contains alcohol are prohibited in salah?
Aitekaf - Recluse 7231 - what is the instruction for female for etkaaf - خواتین کااعتکاف
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 7282 - give Zakat to a person who has TV in his house
Rules for Ramadan 7312 - Breaking of Fast is connected with the Sun set.
Aitekaf - Recluse 7314 - to remain in Masjid with the intention of I'thikaf little before the sunset
Invalidators of Fasting 7321 - Does it nullifies it or Fasting remains intact?
Tarawih Prayer 7333 - Traweeh is Sunath e Muakkidah and it does not have Qadha
Fitra - Instinct 7337 - If Sadaqa e Fitr is given to any needy person as Gift
Manners of the Masjid 7349 - announcement within Masjid on lost articles is prohibited
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 9045 - people use to send e-mail messages of Ayaat of Qur'an or Ahadees
Compensation and Atonement 9167 - if the Fasting missed by females
Rules for Ramadan 9299 - to observe Fasting and Eid etc. in accordance to Saudi Arab?
Rules for Ramadan 9328 - started Roza in Saudi Arabia. will come to Pakistan on 30 Ramadan
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 9443 - if a person says tu rozay ko lug ja, He become Kafir or not?
Invalidators of Fasting 9491 - Ruling about masturbation during ramzan roza
Invalidators of Fasting 9500 - become a grave Sinner due to his evil act during Ramadhan
Historical Information 9648 - I want to get a copy of speech delivered by Hazrat Abu bakr
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 9679 - Naat Hamd or Ayaath of Qur'an in Mobiles as ringtones?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 9684 - preferable way of reciting Qur'an? Just reciting or with the translation?
Invalidators of Fasting 9698 - Does Fasting becomes nullified by engaging in masturbation
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an 9716 - For new house can we arrange Quran Khuwani at home?
The Prophetic Tradition 9845 - I wish to know the blessed manner of walking
Rules for the Secrifice 10192 - Hadees which warns those who do not execute the act of Qurbani
Aitekaf - Recluse 10708 - Mihrab is a part of the Masjid, therefore, I’thikaf does not become void
Qadiyani 12535 - one of my colleague is Qadyani
3015 - There are some people who beg in Bazars and near Signal Posts
2848 - Can The Holly Quran be given to a non Muslim for study?
2842 - What is an evil eye (nazr e bad)? - نظر بد
2737 - Qurbani of a person who is having concept of Shirk
Faith 40116 - Islam is not confined to only these four acts of worship
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5795 - Sir I was unable to save my eyes - بد نظری
Polytheism 33934 - Someone saying “یا رسول اللہ” or “بھر دے جھولی میری یا محمد”
Employment and Job 35962 - I work on-set for shooting films and photography. Is this job Haram?
Invalidators of Fasting 45275 - Does Ammonia Solution smell an unconscious person made invalidate the fast?
Permissible Acts 44358 - to take an amount from the tenant as a security deposit
Supererogatory Acts 44717 - Here, the women gather together and perform Salat-ul-Tasbeeh
Invalidators of Fasting 45066 - to apply a hemorrhoids ointment inside of the anus while fasting
Unlawful Medicine and Treatment 40725 - Islamic point of view regarding Omega 3 and Centrum Multivitamin tablets
Halal & Haram Incomes 41919 - If the property broker receives a commission for selling
Company and speculation 42145 - it will not be permissible to exchange the stipulated ratios if there is a loss
Laws of Hijab 41828 - Watching recorded videos of female teachers on my phone or laptop?
Halal & Haram Incomes 41936 - I am working in a company, suppliers offer me a commission
Permissible Acts 41840 - Discounts to Motivate shop keepers to purchase one’s product
Etiquettes of the Haramain 34679 - shoes of people who go for Umra usually goes missing or is misplaced
Permissible Acts 29574 - Undoubtedly, a lot of wasting takes place nowadays in banquets and marriage ceremonies.
Rules of Namaz 25868 - Salah performed in a room where there are handicrafts of horses and angels
Halal & Haram Foods 35709 - Regards to the water purity If a crow puts its beak in water,
Will and Testament 30059 - He make a will that his wealth be given to this adopted son after his death?
Compensation and Atonement 29913 - I started fasting when I was 32 years old. How will I make up for my missed fasts?
Rules for the Secrifice 29248 - is Qurbani incumbent upon one who has one Tola of Gold?
Heresy 28641 - Fasting on the day of the night of Miraj, the 27th of Rajab?
Insurance 37697 - What is the ruling regarding Kafala from Meezan Bank?
Sin and Illegal 34413 - is it permissible to hack someone’s wifi and use it for good reasons
Permissible Acts 36401 - Government employee rent out a portion of the house given to him by the government
Laws and Etiquettes of Intercourse 38631 - supplication before a husband and a wife make love to each other
Rights of Spouses 38138 - Wife visit her parents every day with the permission of her husband?
Disobedience 35461 - While watching T.V thought comes to mind this is a sinful but Allah is the most forgiving
Halal & Haram Incomes 29835 - a website on which I upload news about cricket, scores, pictures, videos
The Prophetic Tradition 31765 - entering or exiting on a motorcycle one’s home with both right and the left foot
Illusions & Misconceptions 38740 - can a soul go wherever it wants?
Rules of Namaz 35673 - Fajar prayer is going on, should one perform the Sunnat Salah
Divorce 33757 - Marriage of a christian woman has accepted Islam
Of Marriage and Marriageability 29953 - Can my wife travel for Umra with her 12 year old son?
Marriage 32920 - Will marriage be valid if someone gives false information
Sin and Illegal 29932 - One can forgive the one who stole his wealth
Parenting & Upbringing 38673 - There is no place for celebrating birthdays in Islam
Traditional Islamic Practices 33350 - must avoid publicizing made-up narrations amongst people before clarifying
Virtuous Acts 33943 - I would like to take part in Jihad
Marriage 33433 - Is it permissible to marry through a phone call?
Violation of the law 34671 - selling someone electric connection to another
Relation with non Muslims 36974 - drinking tea made by the hands of non-muslims
Insurance 29615 - to take only that amount from the insurance company
Laws of Hijab 38794 - elderly relative place his hand on a girl’s head affectionately
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 41451 - Help a student of madrasa by buying his books from our Zakat
Rights of Spouses 31574 - Is it allowed for a wife to use green hair dye for her husband?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 29339 - A non-muslim person who is interested in learning the Holy Quran
Marriage 33262 - Is it permissible to marry Uncle’s wife
Heresy 34148 - Raises their hands and supplicate for those who had passed away
Rules of Namaz 28836 - Can one perform Salah while wearing this T-shirt
Marriage 26596 - Is it permissible to take a wage for reciting marital sermons
Laws and Etiquettes of Intercourse 35555 - If a husband and wife doesn’t have intercourse for a month
Rules of Namaz 29924 - Leaving off the Maghrib Salah like this to perform it afterwards is not proper
Fashion and Beauty 36350 - Wajib to keep a beard and Sunnat to have it the amount of a fist length
Sin and Illegal 34646 - scholars involved in politics and those teaching in madrasa
Hobbies 36466 - lucky numbers from names and lucky stones
Rules of Namaz 36419 - To pray Zuhr and Asr prayers together
Fine or Penalty 33768 - I punish myself for a sin without being exposed in society
Expenses of the Masjid 34064 - It is not permissible for the local members to eat or sleep in the Masjid
Potion and Spell 34257 - unemployed for the past three years. Please tell me any Wazifa
Rules of Namaz 37310 - Running while going for Salah, inside or outside of the Masjid
Buying and Selling 36297 - items in Peshawar attained through smuggling and is sold at a cheap price
Impurities 37414 - If roaches fall in a tank of drinking water
Halal & Haram Incomes 38679 - Is the earnings from working in a call center Halal
Employment and Job 35850 - We also have an entertainment channel and a channel for Quran recitation
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 36002 - Can old copies of the Holy Quran be burnt and its ashes be buried?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 33524 - the best authentic English translator of the Quran Majeed
Permissible Acts 31792 - on the first of Muharram of the martyrdom of Hazrat Umar
Trade and Business 28335 - Business of Pan and cigarette shops is Halal or not
Divorce 28955 - paper marriage in Europe, if I have to sigh divorce documents of first wife
Permissible Acts 29545 - Extending the Masjid by constructing pillars over the graveyard
Rules of Namaz 26932 - Tablighi lecture is being delivered someone is performing Nalf
Sin and Illegal 27632 - Lighting candles for someone who has died in an accident
Trade and Business 35786 - Having a marriage hall or lawn for business purposes
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 35353 - The lunar calendar is used for checking the day in which Zakat
Trade and Business 35986 - exchanging the currencies of different countries and making a profit
Trade and Business 34664 - Pay Diamond Company Business is an interest based business or is it permissible
Invalidators of Fasting 40740 - Can one take a steam bath while fasting or not?
Rules for the Secrifice 34981 - To give the value of skin of the animal for Qurbani in Dam Fund
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 36007 - to delay the remaining of his zakat
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 36145 - Is it permissible to put the Holy Quran in the cabin of a truck
Rights of Spouses 36155 - husband remain outside the house and wasting time at night while his wife is there
Donation 35738 - The principal of the madrasa wants to give the Zakat to the other Madrasa
Oaths and Vows 35943 - Is it more virtuous to give charity on Thursday?
Rules of Namaz 35577 - Is it allowed to combine Zuhr and Asr why one is traveling
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 35501 - Pick up so many pages verses of Quran has been written
Trade and Business 35647 - Income of barber doesn’t provide unlawful services
Inheritance 35470 - mentally unstable brother also has a right to a portion of his parents
Manners and Rules of Dress 34850 - How can the clothes of a Muslim be according to the Quran and Sunnat
Baby Name Guide 35626 - I would like to name my son “محمد حرم”.
Sin and Illegal 34706 - What is the law for taking pictures on cellphones?
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 34414 - Zakat on merchandise given on credit
Trousseau 35477 - he groom’s family were to make a list of items to be received
Unlawful Medicine and Treatment 35619 - Alcohol in homeopathic medicine but drug are life saving
Cloth of a Mecca pilgrim 35519 - shaving the head after the performance of Hajj and Umra
Divorce 35604 - Is divorce valid if one was forced at gunpoint and at the tip of a knife
Leading the Prayer 35467 - someone is busy with Sunnat prayer when the Jamat prayer is about to begin
Voluntary Fasting 35546 - Fasting on the 9th and 10th of Muharram.
Permissible Acts 38504 - Is there any Haram ingredient in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
Sin and Illegal 39593 - sitting someone else in your place to write an exam for you
Potion and Spell 38456 - is it correct to say “یا مرید”?
Baby Name Guide 35549 - What is the meaning of tha name Sayyed Samyan
Virtuous Acts 35761 - Will one be rewarded for worship done without making intention
Rules for Umrah 35472 - Can one go for perform Umra with a business visa
Permissible Acts 35526 - Can one apply perfume at night
Marriage 39589 - Zaid is Fatima’s husband. Zaid’s father is getting married to Fatima’s mother
Dream Interpretation 35524 - he has passed away but we see him lying sideways coughing and moving about
Rules for the Secrifice 35480 - Law regarding the sacrifice of the Nilgai, Deer and Stag for Qurbani
Aitekaf - Recluse 34469 - Our masjid placed a notice for those who wants to perform I’tikaaf
Laws and Etiquettes of Intercourse 39247 - Allah doesn’t look with mercy and compassion at person who do anal sex
Rules of Namaz 39481 - someone leaves off the four Rakats Sunnat of Zuhr Salah
Sin and Illegal 35527 - Parents send their daughters to foreign countries for Study
Disliked Acts 36291 - students hire people from India or Pakistan to do their assignments
Potion and Spell 38555 - My sperm count is zero. Please tell me a Wazifa
Ransom 37519 - My grandparents are not able to fast so they want to pay Fidya
Financial Endowment 35164 - purchased some land and built a Masjid on part of the land and a house
Disliked Acts 33821 - it is not disliked to have such a child recite Naats and poetic
Trade and Business 35367 - I have a video-game shop. Is my earnings Halal?
Leading the Prayer 39591 - Stand behind an Imam who has shaved his beard
Revocation of Divorce 39417 - You are not my wife nor am I your husband - divorce has occurred
Gender Issues 38923 - I do not even get an erection. I feel very troubled
Bribery 39592 - Purchasing employment is classified as bribery
Financial Endowment 39553 - Principal of a madrasa invest the madrasa’s funds into any business
Interest 41434 - Nowadays the government is giving loans on 5% markup rate
Supererogatory Acts 37804 - My father 85 yrs old For 35 years regularly performing 50 rakats of Nafil
Expenses of the Masjid 38774 - Things given for the Masjid considered as Waqf
Atonement of Oath 38181 - Taking a false oath on Holy Quran
Sin and Illegal 35125 - A lot of people insults some of the Islamic Scholars
Rules of Slaughter 28565 - Someone is hunting with a gun. When he fires he recites Takbeer
Medicine and Treatment 29497 - Keep him on a ventilator to support breath, is this allowed as per Shari’ah
Divorce Waiting period 29173 - Responsibility after divorce for feeding and maintaining her during her waiting period
Sin and Illegal 32215 - Can a women travel by plane without an unmarriageable relative (محرم)
Virtuous Acts 32184 - Will one be rewarded for reading the Holy Quran on mobile phone
Donation 40648 - Gather funds for the Masjid & Madrasa in an appropriate manner
Leading the Prayer 29054 - Salah of those standing outside in the courtyard due to the door being closed
Permissible Acts 32375 - Is it permissible to rear pigeons and train them
Tarawih Prayer 28664 - Taraweeh Salah in such a Masjid where payment is given for Taraweeh
Various issues 28996 - is it allowed for women to study in a co-educational system
Insurance 29804 - in South Korea. Here health insurance in mandatory
Heresy 29488 - Can a grave be made out of marble or any other type of stone
Halal & Haram Foods 29346 - Is it permissible to smoke shisha
Manners of the Masjid 29209 - A masjid built on land that was not made Waqf
Rules for the Secrifice 35155 - The Qurbani of a castrated animal
Who Receive Zakat and Charity 35430 - I study in Madrasa and I eat for free in the kitchen
Buying and Selling 38288 - Is it permissible to purchase land through these documents
Sin and Illegal 35188 - I am very much interested in sculpting human figures
Manners of the Masjid 35888 - Placing topi, romal and tasbeeh,in a spot in the Masjid
Impurities 41362 - impurity on the slippers worn in the toilet
Rules of Namaz 40619 - the spread of Covid is possible if the worshipers stand together
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 34685 - Zakat according to the Nisab of gold instead of the Nisab of silver
Marriage 29085 - Is it permissible for a man or a woman to marry a hermaphrodite
Rules for Adopted Child 41123 - I want to adopt my brother’s new born baby
Eating habits 32908 - Making Dua for Guest after Eating
Ghusl Bath 34718 - ablution is also completed by performing Ghusl
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 33912 - I have installed a Quran application, can I take my phone to the bathroom
Trade and Business 37425 - Giving extra discounts to card holders
Sin and Illegal 37242 - I have a lot of anxiety every day
Buying and Selling 37828 - it is permissible to exchange currencies of different countries
Sin and Illegal 38608 - It is Makrooh to imagine sacred entities
Halal & Haram Foods 35512 - principal spending the funds of the college behind such programs
Inheritance 35573 - Behbood Certificates, Special Saving Certificates and Prize Bond
Babies Names Analysis 39402 - Can the name “ملائکہ” be used?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 38987 - I would like to know about a hadith, whether it is weak or authentic
Donation 39590 - Donation for the Masjid be accepted from anyone
Donation 39716 - We are building a Masjid in our village
Permissible Acts 39580 - Is it permissible to walk in Medina barefooted
Marriage 39573 - My wife mistakenly called me "bhai"
Monotheism 39576 - name of Allah appear to be written on things such as cows
Buying and Selling 39545 - In an extended family, one brother works
Quarrels 39157 - Law of Diyat (blood-money) and fulfillment of the losse
Islamic Banking 38877 - The method of renting cars adopted in Islamic Banks
Rules of Namaz 38873 - There are heaters placed in front of the masjid is copying the Jews
Rights of Parents 41248 - is it permissible for parents to supplicate against their children
Potion and Spell 39443 - Tell me a Wazifa through which I may find employment
Divorce Waiting period 39522 - During her waiting period, it is not permissible for this woman
Halal & Haram Foods 39646 - Is it permissible to eat food cooked by Hindus
Invalidators of Fasting 40385 - The fast will not be nullified by merely smelling Naswar
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 40486 - if Shia scholars speaking in an irrelevant manner against the Khulafa e Rashideen
Trust & Deposit 40864 - Balance has been loaded in someone else’s cellphone by mistake
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 41853 - I deliver food by car. Is Zakat due on this car
Trade and Business 41004 - I want to know about an app called StreamKar
Financing Schemes 38521 - Kamyab Jawan Program Youth loan scheme
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 38607 - Zakat due upon the one who has given the debt?
Divorce 38831 - divorce my wife only in papers and marry another wife
Marriage 38440 - Said “God is my witness, you are my sister.” Now wants to marry me
Halal & Haram Incomes 38382 - Barbers or Hairstylists job is permissible or not
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 16938 - Recitation of Qur’an Shareef in mobile phone
Rights of Parents 37619 - I take Bai’at from a sheikh without the permission of my parents
Trade and Business 37126 - Sell and purchase the hair of animals and wigs
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 37702 - how many days should one complete the recitation of the Holy Quran
Rules for the Secrifice 38066 - seven people must participate in the sacrifice for Qurbani
Supererogatory Acts 40899 - Difference between Tahajud and Qiyamul Layl
Trade and Business 37831 - I want to open a R.O plant, is it permissible to sell water
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 37902 - Translating the Holy Quran in a poetic style
Heresy 37892 - In the past 5 years there were 5 deaths in my father’s house
Signs of the Day of Judgment 38742 - will Hazrat Isaؓ come back as a part of the nation of the Holy Prophet
Of Marriage and Marriageability 36172 - Young female kiss a young female’s lips
Laws for New Muslims 36514 - I want to accept Islam online. Is this possible
Fashion and Beauty 36178 - Ruling about wearing rings for men
Sin and Illegal 41181 - A person is forced to pay bribe in order to get his right
Marriage 41521 - Registering one’s marriage necessary as per Shari’ah
Potion and Spell 41479 - I have been jobless for 9 months
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 41401 - perform tasbeeh of istighfar
Rights of Parents 29042 - parents order their children to sever family ties
Invalidators of Fasting 34499 - Merely smelling the medicine will not break the fast
Halal & Haram Incomes 40366 - take out the interest money and give it to any needy person
Permissible Acts 40610 - circumcision of girls is permissible, it isn’t incumbent neither is it necessary
Rules of Namaz 40611 - The law for Namaz of one who is excused
Marriage 40664 - Bride’s father’s name wrong had no effect on the marriage
Rules for the Secrifice 41400 - If the swelling on the Qurbani animal’s neck
Information Technology 40286 - If as a freelancer, one does not do any kind of work that is unacceptable
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 40393 - Zakat on thing that currently not being utilized
Oaths and Vows 40356 - Kaffara for The oath taken by the questioner’s mother
Rules for the Secrifice 41100 - Can a sacrifice (Qurbani) be done one behalf of deceased persons
Manners and Rules of Dress 38842 - institute who is imposing wearing suits and ties
Information Technology 37820 - Company is in Israel. Is working through this company permissible
Tithes and Tributes 35730 - How do you calculate the ‘Ushr
Political Issues 35167 - I voted for the P.T.A in 2018
Marriage 38377 - According to Ahlus-Sunna, it is permissible to have only four wives
Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat 35117 - I have a super store. Is Zakat due upon it
Information Technology 34983 - Is it Halal to open a Zong franchise?
Khula 34910 - Is the dowry pardoned in the transaction of Khul’a
Sin and Illegal 35452 - A cat made me very distressed
Rights of Spouses 37206 - Is wife allowed to ask her husband to give her pocket money
Loan 35108 - Borrow money for business from someone Haram Business
Financial Endowment 35961 - If someone does Wafq of his house
Political Issues 35127 - Can we put of flags on the 14th of August?
Manners and Rules of Dress 34900 - Is it sinful to iron clothes on a prayer-mat?
Rights of Spouses 34909 - Can a husband wear make-up to please his wife
Illusions & Misconceptions 14413 - The questioner is made to effect with sickness by Allah Ta’ala
Inheritance 13972 - Rules for inheritance
Employment and Job 7120 - I want to get fatwa about my job. I work with one of the NGOs
Trade and Business 7105 - What about Dollars i get paid by google adense
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 6988 - Reciting some Qur'an During Job Time
Employment and Job 6940 - what about woman doing employment
Potion and Spell 6914 - We are married and no children Please inform us of a Wazeefa
Various issues 6818 - Please tell me in detail the limitations of a female in her profession
Employment and Job 6808 - My Wife has been offered a job in a home based start-up company.
Employment and Job 6791 - The earning of a women is lawful for husband or father?
Various issues 6671 - Is celebrating giyarwaan shareef - گیارھویں شریف - bidah?
Information Technology 6667 - Is this Halal to use the software without purchasing it as in our country
Heresy 6627 - keep things made of metal are not effected by Magic - جادو
Prophethood 6575 - Religion of parents of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Permissible Acts 6564 - How is it to write 786 for Bismillah
Relation with non Muslims 6552 - Assalamu Alikum to non-Muslims before starting to talk
Historical Information 6469 - about the number of wives our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Potion and Spell 6445 - Who is the Sheikh should I contact in order to rectify myself
Trade and Business 6434 - is Mortgage permissible in Islam?
Halal & Haram Incomes 6377 - Is it correct or not to do job in a beauty parlor?
Prophethood 6315 - The holy hand of Muhammad ﷺ came out from the grave!
Employment and Job 6302 - my job is in oil fields so the work in iraq hallel or haram ?
Polytheism 6254 - people say that Rasoolullah ﷺ is Omnipresent and Omniscient
Faith 6251 - Are the Saints - اولیاء اللہ - alive in their graves?
Faith 6228 - anybody after Allah and Rasool to bring in changes to Deen?
Monotheism 6216 - If Allah is All Powerful then is He Capable of stealing also?
Polytheism 6165 - whosoever says that Hazrat MUhammad ﷺ is Alim ul Ghaib
Historical Information 6158 - we have read in books that he ﷺ was born on 12th
Faith 6136 - Is it Ja'iz to follow Imam Rabbani?
Entertainment and Sports 6047 - To rearing birds at home
Funeral Innovations 6026 - please discribe about noha - نوحہ و ماتم
Polytheism 6008 - Allah is Independent. So why offerings are made in His name?
Monotheism 6004 - Faith of the blessed parents of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 5964 - Certain learned elder is capable of knowing while in the grave?
Biography of the Prophets 5939 - Prophet Yusuf - یوسف علیہ السلام - did not unite in matrimony with her merely
Faith 5929 - Details and ways of renewing Islam and renewing Faith - تجدید ایمان
Test-Tube Baby 5927 - what is the Islamic view of 'Surrogate Motherhood
Various issues 5909 - Deduction from the salary in the laid down terms and conditions?
Bank Jobs 5902 - working in a Credit Union verses a BANK
Sin and Illegal 5873 - business would not run unless beverage is available for sale
Entertainment and Sports 5872 - can we play cards with our friend with out gambling
Prophethood 5852 - What Islam says about the prophecies of Nostradamus?
Interest 5824 - taking loan for business from bank
Entertainment and Sports 5820 - Is it permissible to keep dolls at home and play with them?
Financial Endowment 5716 - Can a Head of a Madrasa utilize the funds of Madrasa
Monotheism 5569 - Someone said about Allah that اوپر والا
Eating habits 5599 - In broken pot eating or drinking is Makrooh?
Trade and Business 5505 - We want to start the Money Changer business
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 5227 - covenant between the mentor the spiritual teacher and people
Heresy 5102 - it is an Heresy (بدعت) to kiss the thumb (انگوٹھے چومنا)
Trade and Business 4985 - selling toys includes, toys, dolls, bares, airplane, dogs, cats, etc.
Halal & Haram Incomes 4965 - to take old age benefit fund after retirement from government?
Entertainment and Sports 4923 - Billiard & carrom boards games shop in Islam
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 4911 - Believing in Zodiac signs
Entertainment and Sports 4718 - What is the Fatwa on playing Games?
Halal & Haram Animals 4431 - Is eating shark (شارک مچھلی) halal?
Buying and Selling 4412 - While booking in projects which are under construction
Heaven 4302 - where will the children of Kafir who die in small age go?
Education and Learning 4273 - What is the ruling on Girls Islamic School
Buying and Selling 4262 - installments is taken place according to the the conditions
Entertainment and Sports 4246 - Ruling on playing Ludo
Entertainment and Sports 4248 - Ladies to go to stadium wearing Hijab to see cricket matches
Various issues 4154 - Permissible of reward and Sawab to earn Dunya
Sin and Illegal 4125 - If a person wants to sell a thing and the seller exaggerates the quality
Permissible Acts 4091 - Sir in order to join the Silsila (chain) of some Buzurg - اصلاحی تعلق -
Dream Interpretation 4055 - I was driving in drowsiness and very recklessly in my dream
Sin and Illegal 4050 - Skin of the slaughtered animal would be sold or not?
Trade and Business 4046 - buying and selling on installment
Faith 4013 - inform us about the Battle of Camel - جنگ جمل -
The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon Him 3922 - Where can I find the names of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Rulings of Naming Children 3911 - Is the name Haris OK or not?
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 3905 - Who does not believe that Jesus was raised to skies
Historical Incidents 3879 - Dr. Zakir Naik said that the war of Karbala was a political war
Bank Jobs 3854 - Is the bank job in standard chartered is Riba free or halal for me
Faith 3818 - Allah says that nobody knows what is inside a mothers womb but doctors?
Prophethood 3797 - The doctrine of the Ahl e Sunnah Wal Jama’at
The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon Him 3780 - Why another Nabi (Prophet) can not come?
Entertainment and Sports 3755 - Is it allowed in Islam to read and write children's stories ?
Rules for Haj 3745 - plan for Hajj without permission from Saudi Government
Monotheism 3738 - who have the concept that Allah is capable of telling lies Kafir?
Laws and Etiquettes of Traveling 3731 - Does Sunnah Salat get excused due to Qasr Namaz or no?
Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief 3699 - About those who do not perform Namaz
Bank Jobs 3698 - I am a database administrator and i have a job offer n bank
The Eid Prayer 3643 - Performing Eid prayer in a school
Halal & Haram Foods 3639 - Feeding of pig feed for fowls/poultry chicks
Crimes & Major sins 3618 - is a possibility of forgiveness for those who commit suicide?
Rules of Namaz 3604 - Prayer (Salat) in t-shirts or half arm shirts.
Entertainment and Sports 3590 - Is it permissible to play cards and chess?
Rules of Namaz 3583 - Performing missed Farz Salat the Niyyat of the first missed Salat or last
Marriage 3513 - Wazeefa for a girl’s wedding be taken place as early as possible.
Halal & Haram Animals 3495 - whether octopus is halal or not
The Jummah Prayer 3480 - Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village
Telepathy 2972 - It is permissible to do Hypnotism, Telepathy or Personal Magnetism
Monotheism 2862 - I wish to see Allah. So how to believe when He is not visible to me?
Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith 16933 - Recitation of Quran Kareem during menses
Employment and Job 31030 - Showing less sales and production to evade Income Tax and Sales Tax
Nights of Worship 31562 - it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura
Interest 31906 - Savings Accounts in conventional (interest based) banks
Rulings of Naming Children 31615 - is it correct to use name ذوالنورین
Trade and Business 32386 - I have named my business as AXE Technologies, is this correct?
Rulings of Naming Children 32206 - How is it to name a baby as Muhammad Yaman?
Islamic Punishment 32063 - person commit act of slandering on any married girl
Laws of Hijab 32306 - in such circumstances is its allowed for her to stop covering her face?
Historical Information 32321 - it was lion (not dog) that was present with Ashab e Kahf
Divorce Waiting period 32259 - Who are the Mehram and non-Mehram relatives?
Rulings of Naming Children 31795 - I have named him as Abdul Rafiu. He often remains sick
Of Marriage and Marriageability 32385 - is it allowed to work and communicate with non-Mehrem?
Dowry 32570 - I want to know whether I have to pay Mahr or no?
Medicine and Treatment 32433 - am I permitted to do abortion to any woman who, due to some reason wants to get the abortion done?
Trade and Business 32427 - Does the commission I give him falls under the category of Riba (Interest)?
Marriage 31996 - if one wishes there to be some time between Nikah and Rukhsathi?
Faith 32086 - On their Diwali Festival they are giving to Staff sweets and some gifts (cash).
Eating habits 31804 - Eating rice with Hands, is it Sunnath?
Ablution 32074 - Is it allowed to do wipe off (مسح) on warm plasters
Divorce 32014 - Please inform whether our marital contract remains intact?
Entertainment and Sports 31860 - In a game, the team which loses would distribute drinks.
Information Technology 32377 - Working through online websites such as Fiverr etc.
Funeral Prayer 32010 - Janaza Salat could be offered only once and not twice
Trade and Business 31843 - Dairy Farm Agreement
3286 - Is it necessary for a Son to obey his parents in each and every situation?
3654 - it is a Sin to contradict to the law of Saudi Government
3700 - is it allowed to dye or blacken the hairs of scalp(head) or beard
3703 - I noticed a few unusual things in Madaris.
3705 - what will be the ratio/process for calculating the zakat on plot.
3706 - Sir, Can I give a non-muslim not a Qur'an but an English traslation of it?
3728 - doctors suggest Abortion because of the conditions of that wome
3743 - A person carries the Qura'an Majeed and swears
3744 - The people of the land where the Holy Mecca is,do Rafa e Yadain
3749 - Zaid is a leather trader and he purchases skin of dead animal
3756 - Ahadees available where-in Rafa e Yadain is not mentioned?
3760 - Akhrat key Zindaghee Hamaisha kaisay hoo saktee hai
3765 - How should I give zakat on my Jewellery?
3777 - int the tableeghi Ijtima rows of Namaz are not connected
3800 - Is it necessary to conceal the Satr always?
3804 - if not made a Wasiyyath to pay Fidya of the Fastings missed
3810 - giving Qurbani meat to a non-Muslim?
3814 - If an Asthmatic patient uses a mask while in Ihram
3820 - If a person bought an animal before Eid with the intention of Qurbani and sold it
3821 - All the Ahadees pertaining to Thasbeeh Salath are weak?
3830 - keeping the lower garment above the ankle.
3833 - if we bread janwar for qurbani and he died what we do ?
3834 - Is saying wasila of holy prophet is correct?
3835 - Any Halal animal if slaughtered without saying Bismillah
3842 - my concentration gets disturbed and unable to constantly concentrate.
3849 - Most of those who conduct Imamath in Saudi Arabia
3869 - Shari'a stand of keeping the trousers above the ankle
3880 - The ruling with regard to trimming of hair of women in Umrah?
3913 - I do perform Namaz behind the Barelvi Sect?
3915 - In Namaz e Witr if one goes to Ruku'u forgetting to recite Dua e Qunoot
3939 - Those who buy the meat without any stamp of HALAL is it ok to eat or not?
3943 - Can a father offer Qurbani on behalf of his minor children?
3953 - Jumuah Prayer in office Hall
3970 - In our office we have a room for prayer we used to pray 3 times
3974 - In order to perform Thahajjud Namaz is it necessary to awake from sleep?
3978 - if a person while reciting Thasbeeh e Fathima instead of 33 times
3993 - Knowledge of the exact occurrence of the Qiyama
4004 - Is Zakat Wajib on taxi's?
4007 - Mas'aa is not allocated in a new place
4016 - Is Jumma Namaz Ja'iz in small localities and villages?
4019 - to collect some amount personally for himself from the contribution
4029 - used to apply oil in the pan is made from pigs hair?
4034 - If any impure thing strikes on cloth will it become pure by washing once?
4036 - if a person eats any haram thing than his 40 days ibadat will not be accepted.
4053 - Children whose parents are Sahib e Nisab are not entitled to receive Zakat
4062 - such sacred writings or literature inside the pocket and go to the toilet
4072 - celebrating the Milad un Nabi
4102 - Which thing will get punishment after death, its human body or its spirit?
4109 - I want to know about the reality of tableegh for women?
4127 - i want to know is TAWEEZ halal in islam?
4156 - While slaughtering a goat, cutting of how many veins is praiseworthy
4157 - Is it necessary that every muslim should be a Hafiz of Six Kalmas?
4173 - Can I give Zakat to a relative of mine without informing him?
4176 - Let it be known that there are two Sects among the Shias
4181 - Please tell me about the urean of children is it pak?
4185 - We have attached toilet and bathroom. Both are a few feet away.
4209 - The money utilized in Madrasa
4785 - Please guide me with regard to the Islamic Dress as to what it is.
4790 - Criterion of Khilafath in the Sacred Shari’a