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Fatwa Binoria in English

English Translation of Fatawa by Darulifta Jamia Binoria

Fatawa List (178 Fatawa)

Topic Fatwa Title Tasks
Rulings on Prayer 2602 -
Buying & selling 41281 -
32570 - I want to know whether I have to pay Mahr or no?
medical treatment 32433 - am I permitted to do abortion to any woman who, due to some reason wants to get the abortion done?
business 32427 - Does the commission I give him falls under the category of Riba (Interest)?
business 32386 - I have named my business as AXE Technologies, is this correct?
32385 - is it allowed to work and communicate with non-Mehrem?
Information Technology 32377 - Working through online websites such as Fiverr etc.
Historical Information 32321 - it was lion (not dog) that was present with Ashab e Kahf
32306 - in such circumstances is its allowed for her to stop covering her face?
32259 - Who are the Mehram and non-Mehram relatives?
Rules for Baby Names 32206 - How is it to name a baby as Muhammad Yaman?
Ghusl Bath 32166 - during Ghusl women should move the ear-rings so the water can reach the piercings
Faith 32086 - On their Diwali Festival they are giving to Staff sweets and some gifts (cash).
Ablutions 32074 - Is it allowed to do wipe off (مسح) on warm plasters
Islamic Punishment 32063 - person commit act of slandering on any married girl
Divorce 32014 - Please inform whether our marital contract remains intact?
Funeral Prayer 32010 - Janaza Salat could be offered only once and not twice
Marriage 31996 - if one wishes there to be some time between Nikah and Rukhsathi?
Interest 31906 - Savings Accounts in conventional (interest based) banks
Entertainment and Sports 31860 - In a game, the team which loses would distribute drinks.
business 31843 - Dairy Farm Agreement
Eating habits 31804 - Eating rice with Hands, is it Sunnath?
Rules for Baby Names 31795 - I have named him as Abdul Rafiu. He often remains sick
Rules for Baby Names 31615 - is it correct to use name ذوالنورین
Nights of Worship 31562 - it is Sunnah for one to spend on his family on the Day of Aashura
Job 31030 - Showing less sales and production to evade Income Tax and Sales Tax
16938 - reading Qur'an on mobile phone
16933 - Recitation of Quran Kareem during menses
Historical Information 14532 - what is the name of prophet ibrahim's mother?
Illusions & Misconceptions 14413 - The questioner is made to effect with sickness by Allah Ta’ala
Prophet and Prophethood 14046 - Before the Prophet-hood, Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam was following Deen e Haneef
Inheritance 13972 - Rules for inheritance
12793 - is Men shaving beard Haram.
Historical Information 12324 - What is the meaning of Khulafa e Rashideen
Barelvi 10748 - I wanted to know about Bahar e Shari’ath, بہار شریعہ کتاب
Job 7120 - I want to get fatwa about my job. I work with one of the NGOs
business 7105 - What about Dollars i get paid by google adense
6988 - Reciting some Qur'an During Job Time
Job 6940 - what about woman doing employment
Potion and Spell 6914 - We are married and no children Please inform us of a Wazeefa
6818 - Please tell me in detail the limitations of a female in her profession
Job 6808 - My Wife has been offered a job in a home based start-up company.
Job 6791 - The earning of a women is lawful for husband or father?
Conduction Reward 6724 - Is it possible to visit graveyard and do Fatiha Khwani without Wudhu
6671 - Is celebrating giyarwaan shareef - گیارھویں شریف - bidah?
Information Technology 6667 - Is this Halal to use the software without purchasing it as in our country
Heresy 6627 - keep things made of metal are not effected by Magic - جادو
Prophet and Prophethood 6575 - Religion of parents of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
permissible 6564 - How is it to write 786 for Bismillah
Relation with non Muslims 6552 - Assalamu Alikum to non-Muslims before starting to talk
Heaven 6484 - in Heaven there will be beautiful young boys?
Historical Information 6469 - about the number of wives our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Potion and Spell 6445 - Who is the Sheikh should I contact in order to rectify myself
business 6434 - is Mortgage permissible in Islam?
Halal & Haram Incomes 6377 - Is it correct or not to do job in a beauty parlor?
Prophet and Prophethood 6315 - The holy hand of Muhammad ﷺ came out from the grave!
Job 6302 - my job is in oil fields so the work in iraq hallel or haram ?
Polytheism 6254 - people say that Rasoolullah ﷺ is Omnipresent and Omniscient
Faith 6251 - Are the Saints - اولیاء اللہ - alive in their graves?
Faith 6228 - anybody after Allah and Rasool to bring in changes to Deen?
Monotheism 6216 - If Allah is All Powerful then is He Capable of stealing also?
Polytheism 6165 - whosoever says that Hazrat MUhammad ﷺ is Alim ul Ghaib
Historical Information 6158 - we have read in books that he ﷺ was born on 12th
Faith 6136 - Is it Ja'iz to follow Imam Rabbani?
Historical Information 6128 - it is correct that Hazrat Ali birth had taken place in BaitUllah?
Entertainment and Sports 6047 - To rearing birds at home
Funeral Innovations 6026 - please discribe about noha - نوحہ و ماتم
Polytheism 6008 - Allah is Independent. So why offerings are made in His name?
Monotheism 6004 - Faith of the blessed parents of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Disbelief and Cause Disbelief 5964 - Certain learned elder is capable of knowing while in the grave?
5939 - Prophet Yusuf - یوسف علیہ السلام - did not unite in matrimony with her merely
Faith 5929 - Details and ways of renewing Islam and renewing Faith - تجدید ایمان
Test-Tube Baby 5927 - what is the Islamic view of 'Surrogate Motherhood
5909 - Deduction from the salary in the laid down terms and conditions?
Bank Job 5902 - working in a Credit Union verses a BANK
Sin and Illegal 5873 - business would not run unless beverage is available for sale
Entertainment and Sports 5872 - can we play cards with our friend with out gambling
Prophet and Prophethood 5852 - What Islam says about the prophecies of Nostradamus?
Interest 5824 - taking loan for business from bank
Entertainment and Sports 5820 - Is it permissible to keep dolls at home and play with them?
Amulets and Spiritual Process 5795 - Sir I was unable to save my eyes - بد نظری
Festival 5750 - Can we wish Merry Christmas to Christians
Financial Endowment 5716 - Can a Head of a Madrasa utilize the funds of Madrasa
Faith 5688 - A person who do not believe in prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Eating habits 5599 - In broken pot eating or drinking is Makrooh?
Monotheism 5569 - Someone said about Allah that اوپر والا
business 5505 - We want to start the Money Changer business
Supplication, Zikr, Durood 5227 - covenant between the mentor the spiritual teacher and people
Heresy 5102 - it is an Heresy (بدعت) to kiss the thumb (انگوٹھے چومنا)
business 4985 - selling toys includes, toys, dolls, bares, airplane, dogs, cats, etc.
Halal & Haram Incomes 4965 - to take old age benefit fund after retirement from government?
Entertainment and Sports 4923 - Billiard & carrom boards games shop in Islam
Disbelief and Cause Disbelief 4911 - Believing in Zodiac signs
Entertainment and Sports 4788 - What is the ruling on Sajda e Shukr? - سجدہ شکر
Entertainment and Sports 4718 - What is the Fatwa on playing Games?
Halal & Haram Animals 4431 - Is eating shark (شارک مچھلی) halal?
Buying & selling 4412 - While booking in projects which are under construction
Heaven 4302 - where will the children of Kafir who die in small age go?
Education and Learning 4273 - What is the ruling on Girls Islamic School
Buying & selling 4262 - installments is taken place according to the the conditions
Entertainment and Sports 4248 - Ladies to go to stadium wearing Hijab to see cricket matches
Entertainment and Sports 4246 - Ruling on playing Ludo
4154 - Permissible of reward and Sawab to earn Dunya
Sin and Illegal 4125 - If a person wants to sell a thing and the seller exaggerates the quality
permissible 4091 - Sir in order to join the Silsila (chain) of some Buzurg - اصلاحی تعلق -
Dream Interpretation 4055 - I was driving in drowsiness and very recklessly in my dream
Sin and Illegal 4050 - Skin of the slaughtered animal would be sold or not?
business 4046 - buying and selling on installment
Sin and Illegal 4025 - Hindu relatives buried him in their Shamshan Bhoomi - شمشان بھومی -
Faith 4013 - inform us about the Battle of Camel - جنگ جمل -
The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon Him 3922 - Where can I find the names of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
3916 - Instructions of Islam about under shave.
Rules for Baby Names 3911 - Is the name Haris OK or not?
Disbelief and Cause Disbelief 3905 - Who does not believe that Jesus was raised to skies
Prophet and Prophethood 3887 - Asking Dua through the sake of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
Historical Incidents 3879 - Dr. Zakir Naik said that the war of Karbala was a political war
Bank Job 3854 - Is the bank job in standard chartered is Riba free or halal for me
Faith 3818 - Allah says that nobody knows what is inside a mothers womb but doctors?
Prophet and Prophethood 3797 - The doctrine of the Ahl e Sunnah Wal Jama’at
The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon Him 3780 - Why another Nabi (Prophet) can not come?
Entertainment and Sports 3755 - Is it allowed in Islam to read and write children's stories ?
Rules for Haj 3745 - plan for Hajj without permission from Saudi Government
Monotheism 3738 - who have the concept that Allah is capable of telling lies Kafir?
3731 - Does Sunnah Salat get excused due to Qasr Namaz or no?
Disbelief and Cause Disbelief 3699 - About those who do not perform Namaz
Bank Job 3698 - I am a database administrator and i have a job offer n bank
Eid Prayer 3643 - Performing Eid prayer in a school
Halal & Haram Foods 3639 - Feeding of pig feed for fowls/poultry chicks
Rulings on Prayer 3636 - if Namaz could be completed while controlling urine
3631 - If we do not pay FITRA - فطرہ - is it Sin?
Female Diseases 3621 - Can she do sex with fingers till she gets satisfaction?
Crimes & Major sins 3618 - is a possibility of forgiveness for those who commit suicide?
Tarawih Prayer 3616 - if women are allowed to pray 8 rakat of Traweeh.
Photography 3610 - is it OK to buy dolls for little girl which is made from cloth
Rulings on Prayer 3604 - Prayer (Salat) in t-shirts or half arm shirts.
Entertainment and Sports 3590 - Is it permissible to play cards and chess?
Rulings on Prayer 3583 - Performing missed Farz Salat the Niyyat of the first missed Salat or last
3563 - An Asthmatically patient (suffers from difficulty in breathing) observe fasting?
3518 - Relaxation granted in the month of ramazan for a pregnant women
Marriage 3513 - Wazeefa for a girl’s wedding be taken place as early as possible.
Impurities 3512 - When enter in buss often they make the clothes and shoes dirty.
Halal & Haram Animals 3495 - whether octopus is halal or not
Nights of Worship 3490 - what is the reality of Shab-e-Barat - شب براءت
Jummah Prayer 3480 - Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village
3479 - Can i keep fast for my death father?as a reward for him
Potion and Spell 3449 - Which would kindle love in heart towards performing Namaz
Heaven 3428 - will there be some religion in Heaven?
Rituals and Customs 3427 - After the Ifthar of 22nd Ramadan recite Surah on sweets and distribute
3417 - Quran Khawani for the sake of Eesal e Sawab - قرآن خوانی و ایصال ثواب
Job 3408 - employment in any organization if committing of non Shar’ia act
Polytheism 3381 - How is it to call Ya Rasool Allah? - یا رسول اللہ کہنا
Leading the Prayer 3358 - Is it compulsory for women to go to Masjid and perform Namaz?
Marriage Rituals 3344 - Sing or listen to songs in weddings?
Interest 3153 - Take Interest from warring Kafirs
Apostasy 3143 - Death whereas punishment for leaving Islam
Rulings on Prayer 3135 - perform Nafl Namaz with Raising hands - رفع الیدین
Faith 3106 - About Hazrat Mehdi A.S - حضرت امام مہدی
Suicide 3076 - One who commits suicide be forgiven after death?
Funeral Innovations 3052 - Dua in front of the Janaza after performing Namaz e Janaza
Conduction Reward 2986 - Passing PARA of QURAN to neighbors to read for someone - ایصال ثواب
Historical Information 2973 - Hazrat Ali had made allegiance (بیعت) with earlier three Khaleefas.
Telepathy 2972 - It is permissible to do Hypnotism, Telepathy or Personal Magnetism
Education and Learning 2942 - Using the word Molana for an Alim
2932 - Three Talaqs if given in the same occasion or in different occasions
Monotheism 2862 - I wish to see Allah. So how to believe when He is not visible to me?
2856 - Prayer for the Traveler
Rulings on Prayer 2797 - Perform Namaz in a Masjid built in a graveyard
Funeral Innovations 2742 - What is the status of Soyam and Chelum in Islam - سوئم اور چہلم
Job 2589 - Where we have to sell and make pork sandwiches and burgers
Dream Interpretation 2543 - I had a desire since long to see Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ
Telepathy 2336 - What does Islam say about Telepathy?
Yoga 2315 - Yoga and saying OM allowed in Islam?
Potion and Spell 2301 - Wazifa for having Baby Boy
Prophet and Prophethood 950 - Is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ alive in his grave?
Religious parties 932 - Which FIQH is correct, Deobandi, Barelvi or Ahl e Hadees?
Job 920 - Job as a worker for example tape cd' player' navigation and emplyfire machanic
Imitation & Effort 65 - Our (Masjids) Imam says to do Amal only on Qur'an and Hadees