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Sounding a siren to wake people up for Sehri

Fasting and Ramadan,Rules for Ramadan,Sounding a siren to wake people up for Sehri

Fatwa: 34522
Sounding a siren to wake people up for Sehri


If a good action is such that one will not be sinful for forgoing it, but if done, it would cause inconvenience to people, is it better to do it or refrain from it? For example, the siren that is sounded at 2 am to wake people up for Sehri, after which announcements of the remaining time until the fast begins are made on the microphone. My house is close to the Masjid, and this causes my children to wake up and me to not get proper sleep. Please guide regarding this issue.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is not necessary to use a siren to wake people up at the time of Sehri. Furthermore, if the announcements were made continuously in such a way that it causes inconvenience to the Muslims of the locality, then it must be forgone. For this reason, the Imam and the administrators of the masjid must end this practice, otherwise the questioner would be able to take legal action for their misuse of the masjid speakers.
And Allah knows best.

And Allah knows best
محمد رشید رضا
May Allah Forgive him,
Darul-Ifta Jamia Binoria Aalamia
Fatwa No 34522 Verification